So many of us ladies adore David Beckham and secretly have a crush on his wife (I know I do). Anyone else notice how Victoria’s style is always amazing and she always looks like she has the hottest outfit on? I would be lucky to wear an outfit that is that stylish and hot one day out of the year. Her style does not just end with clothes, but her bag collection is to die for. So before all of us ‘peons’ find out about new and hip bags, people like VB carry them, or better yet, David Beckham carries them ;-) Thanks to Lv_Addict on the forum for finding this hot new over-sized Prada Handbag and finding the man of the hour sporting it. I must admit; David, you do look good with your Prada man bag.

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  • Naggy

    Did she get rid of that to make her collection exclusively Hermes? (ipad)