Ashlee Simpson UGG Dog Carrier

The phrase ‘zoned out’ can be personified with Ashlee Simpson. New nose, makes new face, makes new ego, makes new ‘zoned out’ empty Simpson sister. Ashlee does love her pet though and sports her pup in an UGG Dog Carrier. The UGG Dog Carrier is made of plush shearling and features rubber mesh on the front, back, and top for fresh air. Practical with tons of storage space and the option of two carrying handles or an adjustable shoulder strap, this pet carrier can keep your best friend riding in style. While Ashlee really does look empty in the picture, I must applaud her choice of pet carrier for not being too expensive for an animal that has the option to go potty in the bag. Buy it through Amazon for $260.

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  • NIcole


  • angeliki

    ugg dog bag

    • Anita Diedrich

      nice dog carrier but can not buy it anywhere would like to have one

  • Jennifer

    :twisted: this people above are insane….thats so ashlee simpson…but i guess you wouldnt be able to tell with all the plastic surgery shes gettin!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    These^^^ my bad…….

  • Bobz

    Are u sure thats made by UGG cause i’ve asked about the dog bag in aload of stores even the official Ugg ones and they didnt have a clue??? :sad:

  • amarah

    If you like nice dress bags for yourself , you would buy a nice looking bag for your animal if you love your pet .we are buying the coach bag.

  • friendsofcashmere

    Theres nothing wrong with that!!!

  • Michelle

    No voice. No talent. No looks. Nice Ugg carrier.
    Her career is sooo over. Thank God.

  • Michelle

    :oops: No voice. No talent. No looks. Nice Ugg carrier.
    Her career is sooo over. Thank God.

  • Mad4Mod Vintage

    This UGG carrier is available on eBay right now from mad4mod!

    Brand NEW! 100% AUTHENTIC!!
    Item Number: 140229608368

    $99.00 opening bid, BUY IT NOW $199.99

    What a STEAL!!!

    Mad4Mod Vintage
    3292 North High St.
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  • Lindsay

    What ever happened to her dog, Blondie?

  • j frank

    I have an UGG Dog Tote/Carrier New and FOR SALE!!

  • Ari

    Hi! dyou still have the Ugg Dog Carrier available? Im interested.
    Pls email

  • Naggy

    I hope the dog is comfy in that! (ipad)