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The Best Bags From and Just Like That… Season 2, Episode 8

A round of applause for Lisa Todd Wexley - who actually wears two must-have bags in this week’s episode

This week’s episode of And Just Like That… was pretty revolutionary for fans of Sex and the City, almost entirely changing the trajectory of the series’ main love triangle, one involving Carrie, Aidan and Big.

In fact, throughout the episode, Carrie wonders whether “Big was a big mistake” and if her relationship with Aidan was, ultimately, the one she should have fought for throughout the decades.

In addition to Carrie’s storyline, audience members got to see Charlotte preparing to get back into the workforce, Miranda kicking off her internship with Human Rights Watch and Seema reckoning with her singledom once again.

Perhaps the most outstanding portion of the episode, though, involved Lisa and Charlotte’s shopping excursion. Not only were the two characters dressed fabulously for the scene but they also took the time to snap at the employee of the boutique they were browsing for, well, being a bit young.

“You’re 25, that’s your crime,” Lisa says to the associate after Charlotte basically chastises her. “You’ll understand one day, I promise.”

Speaking of shopping, here are some of our favorite bags from the episode.

Whipstitch Demi Bag by Gabriela Hearst

Miranda’s bag selection isn’t always our favorite, but she certainly caught our attention in this scene, wearing Gabriela Hearst’s classic whipstitch demi bag during a post-lunch stroll with Carrie. We must admit, though, that we’re also distracted by the protagonist’s choice of shoes as Carrie leaves the heels at home and opts for Gucci Birkenstocks instead. Talk about a character change.

Whipstitch demi bag by Gabriela Hearst

Whipstitch Demi Bag
via Gabriela Hearst

Camera Chanel Crossbody Handbag

One of the funniest scenes of the series so far comes courtesy of Charlotte and Lisa, who head out shopping together to find the perfect dress for the former’s first day back at work in the art world. The two characters are dressed to the nines, with Charlotte opting for a beige outfit whose piece de resistance is, undoubtedly, a Chanel camera crossbody bag in a gold hue that is sure to strike anyone’s fancy.

Camera Chanel crossbody handbag

Chanel Camera Crossbody
via Vestiaire Collective

Green Leather Jacquemus Fanny Pack and Multicolor by Saint Laurent

Lisa, on the other hand, does color-blocking right with an all-purple outfit with boots of the same hue, a yellow cape-like Missoni shawl and Jacquemus’ famous fanny back in green. She’s also carrying a second bag, this one a multicolored fabric one by Saint Laurent.

Green leather Jacquemus fanny pack and multicolor by Saint Laurent

Vivienne Westwood Pink Suitcase

Of course Carrie has this awesome Vivienne Westwood suitcase! We must say that, up until now, the costume designers have done travel bags right. In addition to this beautiful number by Westwood, fans were treated to another great one during episode two of the second season, a Louis Vuitton Pegase 55 carried by Herbert Wexley’s mother, Eunice.

Vivienne Westwood pink suitcase

Vivienne Westwood Pink Suitcase
via Vestiaire Collective

Benedetta Bruzziches Curved Leather Tote Bag

The design of Benedetta Bruzziches’ curved leather tote bag is pretty striking, with a handle that doesn’t actually attach to both sides of the product. Who better than Seema to walk around with it? Once again, the character looks fabulous, this time wearing a white-and-beige outfit that matches the tote while at the hair salon. For all those interested: certain colors of the bag are actually currently on sale—including the same exact one seen on Seema.

Benedetta Bruzziches curved leather tote bag

Chanel Woven Chain Top Handle Vanity Case Quilted Lambskin Small

In one of the last scenes of the episode, we get to look inside Charlotte’s closet and, although everything in there is gorgeous, we can’t help but stare at the pink Chanel woven chain top bag that’s sitting there just so. What else can we say about this one? It’s truly stunning.

Chanel woven chain top handle vanity case quilted lambskin small

Chanel Vanity Case
via Fashionphile

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10 months ago

What was the blue crossbody bag in the last scene?

10 months ago

Charlotte wore a cute Tod’s bag too. I think it was part of their new collection.

10 months ago
Reply to  Lori

I was expecting to see it featured here. It’s was a gorgeous bag!

10 months ago
Reply to  Mia

And on sale too💃🏻