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Rock out with the Jimmy Choo Sweetie Clutch

If you’ve been a longtime PurseBlog reader, you might recall my obsession with clutches. I mean, I am certifiably obsessed with clutches. Everyone gravitates towards a certain style of handbags, even if it’s just slightly, over other styles. When Jimmy Choo pumps out a clutch like this one, I am reminded why I sway the clutch way.

The Jimmy Choo Sweetie Acrylic Clutch reminds us all that it’s ok not to take handbags too seriously. Like most things, there is a time and a place for this clutch. So, if you are on the hunt for the perfect evening bag to pair with that gown in your closet, this one isn’t for that occasion. However, if you are looking for something to add a hint of edge to your outfit, this clutch might quickly make your list.

It was the vibrant pink over black combination that initially grabbed my attention. My attention lingered as noticed the actual pink graphic and I analyzed the clutch a bit more. Ribbed paneling boasts additional texture to the otherwise sleek design. Like many clutches, this one comes with an optional gold chain shoulder strap. Personally, the strap would get little to no use, but I really like that the strap is gold and not silver. Before delving into the details, I assumed that silver hardware would have been a no-brainer with the given colors on this bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was mistaken.

I can see myself grabbing this clutch and pairing it with anything from a great little black dress to jeans and a fitted white tee-shirt. This bag packs the perfect amount of punch without inadvertently drowning out the rest of whatever outfit you might rock. Buy through NAP for $895.


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  1. Elegant Tomatoe Avatar
    Elegant Tomatoe

    Not worth this money. A while back, PurseBlog wrote an article about the other Jimmy Choo acrylic clutches, and they were quite similar also. But either one would be much cuter if it were say $200 or less…

  2. Shannon Hood Avatar

    This clutch is totally my style, but it looks like something that belongs in Forever 21. I think the print just makes it look cheap.