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  • Yazi

    The only word that comes to mind is “cheap”. These bags look like fakes and look crass. I can’t imagine anyone buying them, though there must be buyers somewhere to justify its production.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    That tote with the metal collar looks PAINFUL! My hand is aching just looking at it!

  • Mel


  • Theo

    Scott clearly has a sense of humour about his work.. These are very fun. I think it’s important to regard fashion with an open mind. These bags may not be your personal style, all it takes to pull them off is the right attitude.

  • Ashley

    While Moschino isn’t to everyone’s taste, these bags are fun! Personally, If I was investing in a bag I probably wouldn’t choose to purchase one from the brand… but this is what fashion is all about! It’s refreshing to see a designer stepping outside the box of a traditional ‘classic’ handbag.

  • ladylucas94

    I like a practical and functional bag that grabs and goes ! I don’t want to get my clothes snagged in the zippers ! Yikes

  • ladylucas94

    Hum the designer did step out of the box ! Way outta the box but let’s see if it sells ! Hmmm

  • Finem Lauda

    I kind of love Moschino’s scream-it-from-the-roof-tops-zero-fucks-given-about-wearability outlook. They may be flashy, gaudy, by some peoples standards, ugly, but at least they’re not boring monogram bags, boring chanels or boring and stupidly expensive hermes!

    • Finem Lauda

      But then…

    • shueaddict

      Eloquence !!! I bow to thee! And to the McDonlads chanel flap !

      • Finem Lauda


    • Mel

      IMO there’s a huge difference between criticizing people who blatantly and knowingly rip-off their designs from someone else, and this mess that is called Moschino. Originality and creativity everyone applauds and celebrates, but this is just not any of that anymore.

      • Finem Lauda

        No, please, tell me more, I value your opinion on creativity and originality in fashion. It’s so important to me. Reply to this. Please. Grace me with your words.

      • LMAO!

      • THANK YOU for your comments. Moschino puts product out there that is literally like nothing else in high-end fashion/accessories. Yet people hyper-focus on the “concept borrowing.” Are we supposed to feel sorry for McDonalds for actually being cool for a change?? Lol.

    • I love Moschino personally. The brand marches to the beat of its own drum and its’ aesthetic is cool and sharp to me, despite how brash it is. I don’t think Moschino works for the US market because it is not sportswear

  • Vendetta

    These bags are dope and for the fashion girls and boys, not for those that feel safe or wear brands cause “thats what you wear”. People who have true style and do what they want and believe. It’s art, love it or hate it. Jeremy is beyond any other designer and on a platform of his own.. not many others can say that. Karl, JPG, Marchesa.. If one knows anything on the brand, they know he truly is the only one that could recreate but still respect Francos original vision. The bags sell out and are wait listed. Especially the craziest of the bunch! love love love!!!!!

  • Casey

    I’m not saying I’m a fan of Moschino but if Franco Moschino were alive today reading these comments, I think he’d be very pleased with where his brand is now. This is exactly what he set out to do and I think Jeremy Scott gets it.

    • You clearly get it too! :) (what’s up with the anti-playful sentiment I am still reading about ironic bags 2 years later?)