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  • Lisa

    I’m tired of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino looks. In its 90’s heydey, Moschino was “cheeky and ironic” without trying so hard and without compromising quality. The clothes used to look and feel expensive and well tailored. This new stuff just looks gross and played out.

    • Aliza Zibkoff

      Agreed. I have no desire to walk around looking like I’m wearing a costume of a credit card or a bottle of shampoo or what ever.

  • FashionableLena

    I like the ombré bags (13, 20). I also liked numbers 9, 28, and 30. Classic shapes and silhouettes with a twist.

    • The ombré bags are the coolest

  • Guest

    Do people actually buy these bags? Seriously what is keeping this brand afloat b/c I never see anyone wearing Moschino.

    • Lily

      Only “fashion” bloggers seem to wear Moschino.

  • Sofia

    Quilted bags with a chain and leather strap… I’ve never seen that anywhere before…

    • dredre47

      Well, yeah, the point is to make fun of Chanel.

      • handbag101

        But you cannot keep making fun of Chanel after so many seasons with their bags jackets and skirts, maybe the point is that Moschino has nothing new to offer…..

  • dredre47

    I think these bags are MUCH more wearable, expensive-looking, and pretty than previous seasons. The bags wrapped in chain straps are genius.

    • Wesley .

      The chains around bag looking too messy & very much like the college home work to me. They really need to look into details & workmanship!

  • FrederickBPerez

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  • Sparkletastic

    Please, somebody, make this brand go away! This is tacky, tacky, tacky. Not cute, not ironic, not whimsical. Just tacky. And interestingly, since there are no pool floaties (which at least made you look…in horror) these designs just look sad. Like something a sidewalk vendor would hawk.

    Thankfully, I have never seen anyone wear these bags. And I struggle to see who their market is beyond B grade starlets and wannabe bloggers. How are they staying afloat?

  • MisterJayARg

    Is Moschino mocking Chanel? hahaha

  • Jerri R

    Jeremy Scott is my favorite whackjob designer. Totally love how he crapped all over Chanel.