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  • FashionableLena

    I like how they captured each model’s individual style. I love the last picture.

  • psny15

    these pics are cool but there is nothing i like about michael kors or his style from his MK label

    MK Collection is decent at times but very safe and boring – you never see anyone carry those bags, you see them in the 75% bin at saks and bergdorfs

  • Nina Ilic

    I’m so tired of Michael Kors as he constantly steals designs from other (more exclusive) brands. There’s nothing original in his designs, it’s all mass market cheap production and high markups for the poor quality.

    • psny15

      i agree, i despise MK and i also tend to look down on people who spend their valuable money on this crap

    • PrettyMeka08

      Didn’t LV “steal” the totally design from Kors? Lots of brands are inspired by each other. Also high markups & poor quality can be seen with other brands that the sell expensive coated canvas bags seen on every third person in a major city.

      TPF always has someone stressed out & obsessing over a loose thread, cracked handles, thin leather, an uneven stitch or whatever else real or imagined one can think of.

  • Lisa

    One of the “brands that innovate”?! Seriously? MK is at best a competent copier of other people’s designs, however well he may use social media to sell his products.

  • karina

    I agree with the previous comments. No amount of compensating with social media will make up for poor quality and even worse customer service!

    • psny15


  • TexasST

    I feel that MK cheapened and diluted their handbag brand by making so many of the logo canvas bags and copying higher end designers. Their more pricey bags may be pretty but I wouldn’t purchase. Coach was on this slippery slope as well but they have pulled themselves back to making quality leather goods. I might buy MK clothing in the future but I don’t think I would ever buy a bag from them. I am sad to say that about an American brand.

    • psny15

      i agree, MK is so cheap and tacky (poorly made crap in China)

  • PrettyMeka08

    The model in slide two favors Solonge Knowles to me.

    • Tinsley Proust

      That is Solange. She’s one of the spokeswomen for this collection.

  • Maya

    MK bag reign is almost over (thank god!)…that’s what happens when you overkill it! (even a campaign with God would not save the day at this point!) Well, I won’t be sad seeing those awful bags go away!! I wonder what the next big cheap “trend” will be…

  • Yazi

    Wow. Surprised by the amount of vitriol against MK. True, his bags resemble designer brands and they are of lesser quality than the designer brands.

    But do you honestly think everyone can afford to throw a couple thousand dollars on a handbag? MK is a good solution for those who can’t.

  • Candace

    This article sounds like a brochure for Kors. Sounds like it was written by a MK pr person. The purses are obviously Coach and Chloe “inspired.”