Messenger Bags

I have told you all before that one of my go-to-bags for the summer has been the Bird Handbags Ostrich Lil Lady. From the moment I laid eyes on the shape of the bag I was sold completely. And I still love it every time I wear it. The slouchy bag just throws over my shoulder when I am running errands. And the bag can be described as hippie-chic, which is not technically my style (more Shannon’s), but nevertheless I love the bag. Now for those that have asked, would I recommend the bag, yes. But there are some stipulations; I do not think it should be priced so high. But if you love it, go for it!

Anyhow, there is a new messenger bag from Halston that closely resembles my handbag of the summer, except for it is even more over-priced and has even less of any sort of appeal. The Halston Zai Messenger Bag uses the same slouchy long strap look that I have fallen for, but the overall implementation falls below par. Not just a bit under the mark, completely under. I do not understand this bag and I understand the price tag even less. This messenger bag is made of suede, which I find to be completely impractical for most purposes. Suede is so hard to keep clean, even a dark color like this brown will show wear in the corners. And the dirt will pile, and it will be seen too. There is just nothing special, not the material, not the look on the mannequin, and the price is out of this world. The overall product is a big pile of brown suede blah. So if you have $2,495 to spend, I will tell you to spend it elsewhere. Available through Net A Porter for $2,495.

tods goa messenger media
Tod’s Goa Messenger Media

Tod’s bags are synonymous for their elegant and timeless style. If you are looking for a handbag that will transcend throughout many seasons to come, turning to Tod’s is one of the best answers. But I love to see Tod’s take a little risk. Sure, not a huge risk, but a little risk is always nice because it may pay off. The Tod’s Goa Messenger Media takes a different approach with the double layer braided shoulder strap and ruching on the sides. The back of the bag features gathered folds. Available in ink blue smooth grained leather, the color is a subtle and stunning option that will transfer from season to season. There is polished silver metal hardware and metal tipped ties on the side. I actually really am drawn to this bag. It is subtle yet different. And while it is not shockingly different, it gives the perfect little change to the clean lines we know for Tod’s. Buy through eLuxury for $1,800.

Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag
Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag

I have been a fan of this Mulberry bag from day one. It is small, practical, and cute. It is like the perfect tourist bag and the perfect bag if you do not have young children. Because while the dimensions of the Mulberry Antony Messenger Bag are decent (8″W x 10.5″H x 3″D), they are not quite large enough for the woman with young children who require hoards of carry-ons. This bag features black leather and golden hardware. The top has a flap closure with a clasp fastening, which is easy enough to get in and out of, and an adjustable canvas shoulder strap (18.5″ drop). When I say this is a great tourist bag, I mean for the tourist that is sensible. If you ever travel with me, you will notice, that I carry every single possible-possibility I may need. If you need Advil, an inhaler, Benadryl, 15 different lip glosses, three wallets, camera, batteries, map, water bottle, snack, etc. You can be assured that traveling with me means if there is a power outage and we are stuck in an elevator, we will be good for at least three days. So while this bag is not suitable for my travel needs (or daily needs for that matter), there are people out there much more practical when it comes to packing that this could work for. It is also great for the younger crowd that just does not need that big of a bag. Buy through NAP for $395.

Antik Batik Juddy Fringed Bag

There was a very prominent love hate relationship with the Prada Fringe Bags (as seen on Victoria Beckham). Upon first look, the bag looked like a horrible Cousin It. But then it began to grow on me, and I will openly admit that after seeing it on Victoria Beckham I loved it. Loved it on her, but I do not look like her, so it did not look as smashing on me. And the price was high. I am a fan of fringe here and there. Not everywhere by any means and really, I do not like it on clothing for the most part. But you can add a little touch of fringe without going overboard. The only way I would do this is if the price was low enough and the bag looked ok; that way I could wear it here or there and it would justify the price I spent on it. This is precisely what the Antik Batik Juddy Fringed Bag does; it gives the fringe that I am looking for at a price that is beyond reasonable. Finally, someone got it right. If you are going to go out on a limb and add fringe, which is very seasonal and not always widely accepted, do so in a way that makes the bag affordable for it going in and out of style. This bag features chocolate leather with fringe and a brass beaded charm. The bag has a braided strap, flap closure, and can be worn across the body. So if there is a country night at one of your favorite bars or you are on your way out in boots and a plaid shirt, this bag can give you the hippie deluxe trend that is in for now. Buy through NAP for $290.

Jas MB Cracked Leather Tote

How many of you are starting a new year of school? My cousin is going to be a freshman in college, and has been on a search for the perfect tote. I was the student who carried around a Prada Nylon Messenger Bag, which at a Big 10 School was a tad over the top, but I loved it and found it to be super practical. A school bag should be different than your friends, with a look and feel that is inherently yours. I love the Jas MB Cracked Leather Tote because it appears to look worn in while still offering a cool ivory cracked leather with a perfectly practical detachable canvas strap. The brown accents are perfect against the ivory leather, and because the leather is given a distressed look, if it gets a little dirty it will only add to the worn-in-appeal. There is an option of two top handles. To throw in your necessities, there is a small zip fastening compartment on the front, and a large zip fastening across the front. Dimensions are ideal for a school bag, 16.5″ W x 16.5″ Handle drop x 12.5″ H x 6″ D. The price is great; buy through Net A Porter for $525.

jessica simpson blur mail bag2

After splitting with John Mayer, Jessica Simpson went back to her blond hair and kept the casual style. Only this time, everything is piecing together perfectly and Jessica has learned to pull of casual chic as a perfect 10. Perfectly fitting for her laid back style, Jessica Simpson has been seen sporting the Blur Mail Bag which sports a vintage appeal with the distressed appearance of the leather. A special process is taken to make the leather have the weathered feel, as it is ‘processed in special wooden barrels and then hand polished in factories in Italy which brings out the atypical wrinkles, imperfections and differences of tone that you see in each unique bag’. The everyday messenger bag is perfect to wear across the body, measuring 19″ x 12″. Purchase the bag at the ever fabulous Shop Intuition for $695.

See pics of the bag and more of Jessica sporting it below!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Congo Vlad and I had popped into Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour on May 1st to see some of the newly released bags in person (as well as buy a few goodies ourselves). Our fab SA told Vlad to give the new Congo line from LV a chance. Not a huge fan of Monogram, Vlad was skeptical, but both the SA and I found the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Congo GM to show lots of summer fun potential. This messenger bag contains the usual specs one would expect from LV, but then there is an added net pocket under the front flap. The Congo name pays homage to the well known African river. For some reason many people associate summer with traveling and tropics, so this bag is perfect. Then again, you would only equate summer with tropical and safari traveling if you are one of those lucky families, couples, people; but come to think of it, the buying crowd is most likely much of the traveling crowd too. The messenger is trimmed in leather and sports a waterproof interior pocket. Dimensions are 17″x 11.95″x 4.6″. Pretty chic and fun for summer. Buy for $1800 via eLuxury exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.

Prada Nappa Gaufre Messenger

The Prada craze over the Gaufre is well deserved. The ruched leather is done impeccably by Prada and the various options available means that there is most likely a Gaufre that will suit any lady or gent. While browsing the Prada Venice store I was drooling over a creamy supple camel colored lambskin Gaufre. On the other end of the spectrum is the Silver Metallic Prada Nappa Gaufre Messenger which is gleaming and beaming enough for you to view a distorted view of your face everywhere you go. Not totally my style, but intense metallics are in and this messenger is easy to carry around for your summer days. There are two front pockets and an adjustable cross-body strap on this 10½” H x 14″W x 5½”D bag. Expect to get the bag shipped around June of this summer; Pre-order now via Saks for $2680.

bottega veneta crocodile messenger

Bottega Veneta is automatically associated with lush and buttery soft leather. If you have not felt one of the gloriously designed Bottega bags, you need to do so immediately, you will just melt. Yet Bottega Veneta also is making an impact on the exotic world. Using fine croc skin, this Bottega Veneta Croc Messenger Bag is designed to be easy to carry and look stunning. There are two front pockets, one large and one small, and gold plaque detailing on the front. A zip top closure finishes this exotic off to a bag that is taller than it is wide. I am sure it costs a pretty penny. More info via Bottega Veneta online or your local BV retailer.

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Tokidoki for LeSportsac Ciao Ciao Large Flap Bag

Garnering more and more attention, Tokidoki for LeSportsac has not be in a downer in any way. The designs are quirky, colorful, fun, and practical and the buzz surrounding these bags is getting as loud as a swarm of killer bees (friendly-killer-handbag-obsessed bees, but bees nonetheless). For the gals who want to make a statement, do it with an everyday messenger bag like the Tokidoki for LeSportsac ‘Ciao Ciao Large’ Flap Bag. The materials are simple, including an adjustable strap, zip pockets, and polyester, yet the ‘pirata’ print has got it all. Affordable funk through Nordstrom’s for $160.

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Jimmy Choo Ruse Leather Messenger Bag

There is something about the thick shoulder strap on this bag that really has me fixated. I can vividly picture this handbag fitting perfectly but not too snug under my arm, having the shoulder strap not always feel like it may fall off my arm, and looking classy and sassy for everyday life. The Jimmy Choo Ruse Leather Messenger Bag screams take me to drop off the kids, take me to the grocery store, take me to the bank, take me shopping, take me in jeans; pretty much, just take me everywhere. A worn in appeal is given to the tan leather, along with watersnake trim and rivets around the top with watersnake straps. A subtly perfect combination of laid-back leather meets exotic watersnake to make a stunning combination. People tend to disregard inside lining, but it does play an importance to me. Nothing is better than opening up your stunning handbag to an even more stunning lining. Jimmy Choo, you made a good decision with the lilac trim and suede lining. My heart skipped a mini-beat. Via Net-A-Porter for $1690.

Hayden Harnett Barnard Crossbody Saddle Bag To all of my friends I am a city girl. Truth be told, there is a bit of a country girl in me. My mom grew up around the farm, my grandma grew up on a farm, and I’ve been known to throw on my Stetson cowgirl hat and do a mean line-dance. A little bit of of a Southern touch always soothes my soul and if done right, is perfect for even the biggest city girls out there. The Hayden Harnett Barnard Crossbody Saddle Bag is ideal for anyone who needs to be hands free, prefers a more ergonomically correct bag, or just really loves the crossbody/messenger style. Resting right at the hip, this handbag features a top flap with a simple magnetic closure and equestrian styled stitching. We all worry about the size of a bag; will it fit all of our necessities, which list keeps on growing. This bag has two large inner compartments and a back zip pocket. The dimensions are large but not overpowering. Hayden Harnett is experiencing quite a buzz in the past few months and this bag shows exactly why. Via HH for $395.