At this point, we’ve seen the Marc Jacobs Stam in many incarnations. There were the original black and petrol quilted versions, way back in 2005. We’ve had oversized quilts, silver and blue python, and, for one season, the Stam Hobo (anyone know where I can still get one of these?). I myself have the traditional black version with the original suede lining, and it’s one of my favorite bags I’ve ever had – both men and women stop me to gawk at it, even though it’s 3 years old and has been ripped off a hundred times by a hundred other brands and stores.

What we’ve yet to see, though, is a regular, leather, UNQUILTED Stam. Well, ask and we shall receive, because that’s one of the things that Jacobs has up to bat for Fall/Winter 2008, by the name of the Marc Jacobs Sunburst Stam. I’ve been waiting for it to show up online for quite a while, and Saks finally has it up for presale today for $1395 in charcoal grey (grey, people, grey!).

This Stam has silver hardware instead of gold (something I am a firm fan of – I find silver much more versatile, although I’d never let my original Stam’s gold stop me from wearing it with anything), and the trademark oversized links of the gold hardware seem to have been changed to a more understated box chain. Continuing the trend of subtlety, the front has soft pleats that stop it from being plain without overpowering the beautiful grain of the textured lamb leather.

Speaking of lamb, I can’t wait to grope this handbag in person. As I remember, the previous Stams were made of calf. Although soft enough, nothing beats lamb in my mind, and according to Saks, that’s just what we’re getting here. I hope that’s the case, and I hope that it’s as soft in reality as it is in my head. If that’s the case, this is a bag for which I may very well be saving my pennies. Pre-order through Saks for $1395.

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  • Ellez

    Love the shape of the bag but the color looks like mud to me…ick. I’m hoping it’s just my computer screen (it’s darker for some odd reason)

  • lula_bernie

    I am loving the grey with the silver hardware! I prefer that combination much more over the grey with gold hardware combinations I have seen this fall season. I may be ordering my first Stam, but do you feel this is an ‘It’ bag that will date? I don’t think the Chloe Paddington has dated so to speak. Oh well, I think I may have to have it.

    • I had the same question when I bought the regular Stam 3 years ago, but I have to say that I think it’s aged exceptionally well. After all, if you take the chain off, what you have is a beautifully made, very ladylike frame bag, which is timeless. Then just reattach the chain for a bit of a rockstar kick. I’ve found mine very useful, and would definitely consider buying another in a slightly different style.

  • I really do not like the color. It looks muddy to me too.
    I kinda like the frame and the closure, but that’s about it.

    • I kinda agree about the color – I’m hoping that it’s just the lighting, because although I love grey, this is not my favorite grey.

  • mette

    Hate to write this down,but this looks like an old woman´s bag lacking all inspiration. :cry:

    • My sentiments exactly.

    • Tankgirl

      I have to agree with you…..I thought old lady right off the bat,and i really belive my grandmother had one just like this with a thinner chain! That was eons ago! :roll:

  • k

    the color looks like an elephant butt

  • Kaytey

    Okay, so it DOES look a little “elephant butt”-y, but I would still buy this. I just like the shape and the chain… In anotehr colour, definitely. In this colour, at 70% off.

  • LOL Elephant butt!! That’s hilarious. Grey is a little hit and miss, huh? But I am sure that the leather would be gorgeous to touch….it’s Marc Jacobs afterall…

    • Tankgirl

      Marc Jacobs is only human He too can make mistakes and I really think this is one of his BIG ones(Elephant Butt Big) :twisted:

  • Ali

    !!! This is pretty much exactly what I’ve wanted to see in a Stam! I’d hate to pay full price on this, but I may have to because I’m loving it… right down to the silver, more industrial-looking chain. Heart.

  • rikimaru_edo

    i might seem like a dud, but how exactly do you carry the stam with the chain on? i mean do i simply let the leather top handles drop while i sling the bag via the chain on my shoulder? or do i hold it by the handles & just let the chain dangle?? im confused :???: help pls!

  • tuffcookie

    i like it. the stam is such an iconic bag – i guess marc just wanted to revamp a classic!

  • kim

    i love this new incarnation of the stam…my only complaint is that the pleating is only on one side…

  • i seriousloy like this one so much better than the quilted version

  • Cathy

    i like the design but it the color makes it a bit like an old woman’s bag.. eeekk!!

  • lipvixen

    Never been crazy about the Stam. It’s not ugly just ‘uninspiring’ for me.

  • Kendra

    Nice, but why the color?? (fb)