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  • Vbogaert

    Steven Alan also offers pre-orders on MG bags. I got two buckets ( black with gold interior and black with blue) and a tote (black with gold) from them. The waits were only a couple of months. Your limited to only one bag per order though.

  • Orandine

    I’ve been searching high and low for a very specific (and for some reason less crazed-about) bag, the mansur MINI TOTE. None of the sites you listed above (except ofcourse for MG’s own site) list it. Do you know where I could get one/ place a pre-order for one?

  • Nada Souhani

    Helllo, i have been searching for a MG for quiet a while now, didnt find amy in Berlin nor in Dubai. Will b soon in spain (madrid and barca). Any idea where i can find the bucket bag at least as a start?

  • Smithy

    If it’s so hard to get and everyone wants it — I don’t want it.

    • anon

      Right? I feel like its just MG’s marketing ploy to make it an it bag and keep it selling. Like this would be something that South Park makes fun of.

      • Constraining supply can definitely help increase consumer interest in certain situations, but it only works if people are inordinately attracted to the bag to begin with. If not, no one notices or cares that they’re not available.

      • I have to agree with you on that one. While social media and the brand themselves are creating a fervor over the bag, initial interest is what sparked it in the first place. I first noticed the bucket bag last year on Instagram and liked the smooth sheen of the leather and variety of colors but I figured maybe it was due to a nice filter on the photo. Then I saw it person when someone at work brought in her navy bag and it really is very well made, and both minimalistic and luxurious looking. Even people who have never even heard of this brand or cared much about handbags turned their heads as she walked by with it on her shoulder, I am not exaggerating. Quality is every evident and at an under $1K price-point, its no wonder it is flying off the metaphorical shelves.

  • Brooke Resnick

    Any particular place where I can pre-order the large Rosa bucket bag??

  • Leah

    Hello, does anyone know where I can pre order a black/red interior mini bucket???

  • Llewellyn

    Hi Leah How about I make a red/black bucket bag for you in ostrich leather? Check out my website http://www.corbeau.co.za to see our workmanship.

  • I got my black/flamma bucket via NAP by putting the item in my wishlist. I was notified once it came in stock, and they reserved one for me for a limited time before making the rest of the stock available to the public. I think that’s how it worked out for me. I’m not sure if that’s how they still do things but it’s worth a shot.

  • alice

    the bucket bag comes from the 80’s and I already found it very impractical at those times, (you never found what you were looking for inside this bag) and particularly this shape (very simple) in this leather you could easily find in Greece for a very cheap price…and now here we are with the same identical model for a higher price…:)

  • Consing
  • Jess

    I don’t understand the bucket bag trend. I find them difficult to use… opening them is hard, putting things in, pulling things out, closing them is also hard. No thanks.

    • shopper

      I agree. I don’t like bags that jumble all my stuff around. Whenever I see a woman in a shop open her bucket bag she spends a disproportionate amount of time rummaging around to find her wallet – forget finding the phone!

      I only buy structured bags with compartments. Nice and neat!

  • DianaAMiddleton

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  • EbonyLolita

    Sorry I bought a leather Vince Camuto for $248 at Lord & Taylor. It looks similar and just as durable! There’s an inside pocket. I was tired of the MG fake wait list.

  • CaseyAAvera

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  • Karon


  • PeterMBeck

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  • Colette in Paris has a HUGE selection right now on their website. Including a limited edition blue one. So if anyone in Europe is looking for a MG bag. This is your chance!

  • Kim Siegel

    I bought one and haven’t used it yet so I’m looking to sell it

  • Hollie

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  • Pb85

    Boutique1 is also great as well, and with a mailing list, can be super helpful.

  • Babskidoodles

    I was able to get my hands on one from Barneys back in May. I got the white and royal blue in Saffiano leather (exclusively sold in Barneys). I originally wanted the black and red one but I got tired of the wait and didn’t want to risk losing this one. In all honesty, I also fell in love with the color combination of the white and royal blue. Plus the leather on this one was great, no dyes from clothes or any other dirt (hope I won’t jinx this) stains the bag. And I guess if any scuffing would occur on the bag, it wouldn’t be as much as obvious as the original vegetable leather. Until now, I am glad with my purchase and every time I look at a picture of the black and red, I don’t regret not waiting for it anymore.

  • hello

    do you know the 2 sizes of the lady bag?

  • Lucy Chung

    I have a MG black leather cross body posted on Tradesy. :)

  • waseema

    Matches took preorders last Wednesday via the stylists, so most new items are sold out before going live tomorrow. Disappointed as I really wanted a mini bucket.

  • Doris Strong

    They selling the Lady Bag, Mini Bucket and Large Bucket Bag in the Steven Alan in DC.