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  • Guest

    I love every single piece.

  • Guest

    I have tried them all at LV store, but they are so heavy. Certainly you won’t put many stuff in those bags, otherwise you would end up dealing with sore shoulder. Plus too expensive for me. I rather spend the same amount of money for something else but not for those bags. I am not a a Women, so don’t need to carry those fancy bags to show off. Cheers.

  • Fathia

    The Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas North-South Tote similar with Hermes “H” pattern. I’m not really into it.

    • constance762

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  • regan

    It makes me sad that Louis is trying so hard… i don’t know if a man would justify spending ten thousand dollars on a duffle bag…i spend thousands on handbags myself and i wouldn’t spend that much on a piece of luggage.. it seems silly to me. Its not a hand bag it is not a fashion statement. It is meant to be durable for travel. and bags with holes confuse me as well… its meant to hold things in them why have holes there?? they are really nice looking but honestly Louis is driving away the business left and right. i went and took my business to Gucci recently and haven’t looked back. inventive style , price point in my comfort zone and fantastically patient and helpful sales consultants. all around much better than being ignored and looked down on.

  • Gustonegro

    In Europe, those bags are considered everyday bags. I have several that I bought when I was there. I used them for going to the gym, carrying my things to work, and even grocery shopping. None of mine costed $6000, but I do love these. My most expensive is a shearling bag that I paid about $1000 for. In the US, most men drive cars and so, dont have the need to carry a lot around. I walked, cycled and used public transport in Berlin, Hamburg and London… Just my 2¢


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