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Loewe x Suna Fujita: A Special Collection for the Holiday Season

As with other Loewe collections, this one is sure to sell out!

While Loewe offers classic renditions of its everyday bags, many times what brings me back to the brand is its quirky and playful way to remind us that while fashion is many things, it can and should also be fun. Today, the Loewe x Suna Fujita collection officially launched on site, and if you were feeling like you wanted something a bit more amusing, this will truly be the right fit.

We shared a peek at Loewe’s holiday collection and now all of it is officially launched for purchase. The standouts of the group are the Loewe x Suna Fujita items, each with a whimsical touch.

The Collaboration

This festive collection is the collaboration with Kyoto-based ceramic studio Suna Fujita and the House and focuses on natural landscapes and animals as the source of inspiration for Suna Fujita founders, Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano. Childhood memories and imagination come to life on beloved Loewe staples, along with some truly novelty animal shaped bags.

Loewe masters the art of giving just enough along with giving over-the-top so there is something for everyone. Do I need a full lemur bag complete with a lemur tail as a shoulder strap? Of course not. But that is the point, this is supposed to be fun, and I am delighted with this collection.

Be sure to join our forum members and share your items in this thread on tPF!

The Collection

Large Puzzle Fold Tote in shiny calfskin
Otter coin cardholder in satin calfskin
Penguin keyfob charm in classic calfskin
Panda mini Flamenco clutch in nappa calfskin
Mini Hammock Hobo bag in classic calfskin
Small Squeeze bag in nappa lambskin
Penguin coin cardholder in satin calfskin
Panda compact zip wallet in satin calfskin
Penguin box in calfskin and ceramic
Penguin mini Puzzle Fold tote in shiny calfskin
Anagram cardigan in mohair
Medium Squeeze bag in nappa lambskin
Petal kitten heel slide in suede and rhinestones
Cap in wool
Lemur bag in shearling
Penguin bag in classic calfskin


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  1. Terri Avatar

    A delightful collab of playfulness and quirkiness.
    Lemur Bag in Shearling is TDF!

    1. Megs Mahoney Dusil Avatar
      Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I KNOW! I feel like I ….*NEED* it…?!

  2. Carrie K Avatar
    Carrie K

    This is why I love Loewe, they’re having fun with fashion! Unlike most fashion brands who seems to only care about price increases and not putting much thoughts into their designs and quality. Cough…Chanel…cough

  3. daveloeweyou Avatar

    In love with the Penguin bag!!!😍😍😍.
    By the other hand, in this web I watch a Flamenco bag in diamonds but not in Loewe web. Anybody knows about this bag??

  4. SonShownu Avatar

    That Lemur bag, super cute even though dunno what can fit inside, but super cute.

  5. SlurmLoco Avatar

    The lemur and penguin items are quirky and playful. I love them. They’re very left field for me, but the whimsy is perfection.

  6. Annabella444 Avatar

    The cute Lemur charm does not seem to come with the puzzle tote though….That would me my primary reason for buying it!

    1. Platypus001 Avatar

      Both are available to purchase separately!

      1. Annabella444 Avatar

        Ah thanks! It’s so cute!

  7. barbara Avatar

    Now I have to go on a trip to Iceland. And wherever you find lemurs!

  8. Becky Avatar

    If you get the lemur bag and the penguin bag, they can be BFFs!