A bag doesn’t need to come from a collection with a strong and unified design vision to be good, but more often than not, the best bags do. Starting with a clear point of view gives a set of designs a singular vision and set of references from which to pull, and knowing what those are going in to the creation process tends to lead to better and more rigorous editing, something that Jimmy Choo’s Fall 2011 Handbags could have really used.

As I look at these pictures, I started out optimistic; a good dose of structure was perhaps exactly what was needed in order to set Choo on the right track. But as I continued to click through bags, things got weirder and weirder, and not in a chic way. Several bags are covered in metal Zodiac medallions, some of them are giant, structureless puffs of fur, one in particular is very much in need of a shave. My advice to the folks at Jimmy Choo would be to keep the box clutches and start from scratch with everything else.

Photos via Style.com

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