As almost all of us know, fringe is huge right now. Even if you don’t read up on fashion trends daily or even monthly, you are sure to have noticed the fringe accenting on handbags, shoes and clothing. Personally, I haven’t found many fringe accented handbags that I’ve liked. Maybe this style is just not one I feel I can pull off. However, when I came across the Jimmy Choo Diane Kid Fringe Hobo, I had to stop and say, “wow, I might actually like this”. To me, the fringe looks soft and movable. One of my biggest pet peeves with fringe is that it can look stiff and too rugged. But here, the soft leather style is one so many of us could pull off without looking completely out of place (even if fringe isn’t typically for you). The golden hardware adds some flavor to the leather bag and really adds to the look of the bag without seeming to be too much. Usually, I stray from handbags that have too much going on, but here, it seems like everything just pieces together really nicely. I’ve yet to add a Jimmy Choo bag to my collection and I don’t think this would be my first Jimmy Choo purchase, but I do actually like it. What do you think – is the fringe a hit or a miss? Buy through Saks for $1,495.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Oh, my… Another fringe disaster.

  • ^^really? a disaster? i still think it is one of the better ones i’ve seen out there!

  • Anilu Magloire

    It is!!! Take off the lower fringe row and maybe it’s fine… It’s just too much all over the place.

  • notyurmama

    I agree. Way too much fringe.

  • janis

    Now, I am loving this! Obviously you would have to go simple with what you wear with it…no fringe boots. This is my favorite bag from the FW collection from Jimmy Choo!!!

  • jburgh

    I am really on the fence with this one. Jimmy Choo bags make up the bulk of my collection, but I am not really feeling this. I would opt for a more classic or versatile bag as my first venture into Choo.

  • MizzJ

    Actually, I would get rid of the top fringe and keep the bottom! The top fringe is too small to really have that pop factor, rather it just hangs there like nothing. Way too expensive though.

  • Anilu Magloire

    MizzJ, you have a point. I see it looking better without the top fringe.

  • actually, MizzJ and Anilu, i agree with you both -this bag would be much better without the top fringe!!!

  • juju

    No. This is just way too much fringe. And I really don’t like the little “Jimmy Choo” name plate on the side. No, no no.