Jane August FDR Tote, brown python ($3,080) and green deco leatherAt first, we had only planned to go visit the Sola Showroom in New York City back in April to check out what designers they represented that we could write about and introduce to our readers. What we did not expect was that we’d be crossing paths with a lady that was sitting at the table in the showroom. She was chatting it up with the PR girls while petting her chihuahua. As it turned out, this lady was the successful handbag designer whose bags represented nearly a quarter of the entire showroom floor. We arranged another meeting and a few days later we sat down with Jane August and got to know the confident, business-savvy designer that we had only read about previously in fashion magazines. Jane was a blast, very outspoken and she allowed us to learn intimate insights into the intricate business aspects of what it means to be an independent fashion designer these days. Also, make sure you sign up for our Jane August Giveaway!

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