Waiting really does suck. If you are a True Blood fanatic like we are, then you have also been suffering from True Blood withdrawal. HBO realized the fashion world had an uncanny obsession with the vampire, werewolf, and fairy world so the company teamed up with Hammitt Los Angeles to create a line of bags geared toward the show and its fans.

Vlad and I attended the launch event for the line at the end of March and were ultimately delighted with many of the bags being offered and the overall theme of the gathering. They served red velvet cupcakes, which were washed down with “Tru Blood,” a fizzy, blood orange drink, and the tables were set with Black Magic roses. As we walked around the room and sipped on blood and dined on treats, we were able to view the bag collection.

Appropriately named after places and characters from the show, the collection features the Alcide, Eric, Fangtasia, LaFayette, and Sookie. The bag that caught my attention along with all of the other onlookers was the Alcide, a fur flap bag that opens up to reveal two glaring eyes. Seems creepy, but it flows so nicely that it is the perfect touch of intensity and unexpectedness in an otherwise easy-to-carry bag. I imagine this bag being great for fall and winter. Price is $485 and dimensions measure 17″ x 1″ x 9″.

My other favorites in the collection include the Eric and the Sookie. Guests were given the choice of a Sookie or Eric to take home, and I opted for Eric. The Eric design is compact yet packs a punch with studs along the side of the bag. I have taken Eric out with me a few times and the bag is sturdy, keeps its shape, and is easy to wear. Price is $445 and dimensions are 7.5″ x 3″ x5.25″. The Sookie is soft and sultry, just like the character it is named after, and made with grey suede. There is a bit of pleating and a ladylike feel to the design. Price is $395 and size is 12.5″ x 3.5″ x 8″. Shop the collection on HBO.com and also at NMRKT.com.

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  • gpc

    These are really creative and fun. Hammitt makes great bags. BTW, Megs, I couldn’t find a list of online retailers for Hammitt bags on their website and in an online search found only one boutique in Tampa, FL that carries a limited selection. Can we order their bags from their other collections directly from Hammitt?

    • I know they have great bags! Let me inquire and get back to you on it :)

      • gpc

        Thanks Megs!

  • MizzJ

    What a cool theme for an event and handbag line! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV series theme done before. The Eric is quite pretty and not as extreme as I’d imagined it could be. Nicely done Hammitt!


  • Nickessernow

    Those bags are sexy!!! I love Ture Blood!!!!


    The bags will be available on sale at http://nmrkt.com in August! You can subscribe to the NMRKT eMagazine to be notified when they arrive.

  • kitty

    I also saw you can pre order them at the hbo online site which i think is hbo.com/store

  • 19yearslater

    This is so cool! I love designer collaborations with film and tv and I love Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood. All of the bags are great, too- not overly cheesy but still obviously influenced by the show.

  • Tony Drockton

    Thank you to Purseblog for attending our launch event and for your enthusiasm for our designers dream collection; Hammitt for True Blood.

    As a die hard fan, she really put her love into this collection. We will be shipping the collection early to a limited number of retailers so watch for my post here on PurseBlog within the next week for an update.