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  • I want that size!

  • Amunet

    The mini bags are cute, but they have the relatively same price tag as the bigger bags. The designers must be making a profit killing on these minis.

    • leechiyong

      Part of the reason people pay for designer bags is the artisan craftsmanship; it’s not just the materials. It requires just as much work (sometimes more as smaller tends to require a higher level of skill) to make this.

  • Jess

    I’m neither a fan of Kendall nor of mini bags, however I LOVE everything about her in these pictures. The outfit is great and the Birkin is super cute and although it is the smallest available Birkin it still has a decent size compared to a micro Peekaboo etc.

    • hclubfan

      I completely agree Jess….Love everything she’s wearing in these photos!

  • Cute but I’m more interested in those Céline sneakers!

  • kindled

    articles like this are why eyebrows purseblog, ;)

  • Aoedele

    Not a fan of the Birkin, the Kelly, now that is my bag. Anyway, how does she keep those sneakers so clean?

    • Sparky

      Probably only wore them this one time. (is that grammatically correct??!)

  • Sparky

    Have to admit, that’s a cute bag.

  • Smithy

    It’s very cute. My eye has so adjusted to smaller bags that the old standard size totes look gigantic to me.

    • Sara

      LOL so true!

  • Sara

    This bag is a decent size but I don’t like mini bags at all. Since I am not a celebrity, I would need more than my credit card and lip gloss.

  • JaneH

    These people take themselves way too seriously.

    • Sparky

      I guess they have to. If they don’t, no one else will. Their collective profession is listed as “TV Personality”. What skills does one possess or need to maintain such a “profession”? Spending every moment obsessing over every detail of your looks. Sounds really stressful to me. Kind of sad too. I mean, what do you do for an encore?

      • stepdhnie

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      • Aoedele

        Kendall is a model, thus far, a very successful model. Besides, what is wrong w/ being a “TV personality?” Everyone in the entertainment industry obsess about their looks, they hustle for people to watch their shows, go see their movies and buy their music, etc. The kardashian/Jenner crew are no different.

        Anyway, she is a gorgeous, gorgeous young woman. Love her outfit in spite of that tiny bag and those white on whites.

      • Sara

        I agree, Kendall is gorgeous (and so is the mini Birkin) and yes she is a model but there are many gorgeous women who can’t become models in a highly competitive industry. It helps if you are Kim’s sister. Just saying.

      • Pamela


      • Aoedele

        Actually I think being one of Kim’s little sisters would hurt her career than help.

      • Sparky

        (sorry to be off topic) I’m not saying being a TV Personality is “wrong”. Its just not sustainable. The title is more of a by-product of fame. It seems most don’t have any real skills they can develop (virtually none are educated beyond high school) so the only marketable skill they have is their looks – and the ability to shock. I feel sorry for them because where will they be 10, 20 years from now? Bloated and distorted from endless rounds of Botox and surgery? Tragic.

        Acting is a career, the practitioners spend years studying and have marketable skills that can be developed over a lifetime. Looking good is a plus, not their main selling point.

  • Jennifer

    I like everything about these pix too….she’s the cleaned up, covered up version of her family. And I love the tiny little BLACK Birkin. No neon yellow size 40 (I’m exaggerating)…

  • Lenna Chhim

    I don’t like nor hate the Kadashians-Jenners clan, only think they’re funny. I kinda think Kendall is more normal than the others. As for Hermes, they’re not my cup of tea but this one is cute.

  • Imgoingbroke

    She looks sleek and beautiful. I love everything but the bag. I’m not a fan of Hermes bags other than the Evelyn which more my taste and lifestyle.

  • Pamela

    I like it too! I’m surprised it took her so long to wear Hermes. If her 18 year old sister who looks 30 plus can have a birkin, why can’t Kendall?!

  • Lisa

    Birkins are so overdone at this point, so I can’t get excited even with this smaller (and more practical) size. I used to love Hermes, in part, for their lack of recognition, but sadly that is no longer the case, particularly for the Birkin. You may as well be carrying a logo Speedy. For some folks, that is a selling point, but personally I enjoy the relative anonymity of my Kelly (not to mention the lack of elbow or back pain associated with the Birkin!)

  • ellavanw

    It is gorgeous. I have a 30 and a 35 and I use the 30 so much more – it holds a ton and is much lighter. I would love to have a 25! It is a true handbag and looks so ladylike in that size.

  • Vicky

    These photo of hers make me think of Star Wars.

  • CH

    Kris was holding the same mini birkin in Keeping Up S11 e4 when she walks in on Kim doing pure barre.

  • lululyt

    I have a 25cm birkin. Absolutely love it.

  • emily

    I have never been big on Hermes, even if I was wealthy I don’t think I would as I prefer mini bags and don’t like how you can only carry them one way but I’m drooling over this one.