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  • Scottsdale Kim

    Gorgeous bag! Whenever I leave the US I look at the Hermes websites for the country I’m in. Last weekend I was in Vancouver Canada and the CA Hermes site had so much more than I ever see on the US site.

    It is challenging for those of us that do not have a Hermes store in our town and have to shop on line most of the time.

  • Layla

    i don’t care what supermodel/billionaire you are, but there is simply no excuse to wear flip flops, hot pants and a croc birkin together….two words for you Irina, tasteless and YUCK

    • Averil

      I get the feeling that she’s really is trying to emphasize how wealthy she and her superstar football boyfriend are by purposely dressing down while wearing an obviously crazy expensive bag…

      • Morgan

        i think you have to remember that the majority of people aren’t crazy about handbags the way we are. she bought a bag that she dropped a ton of money on, so shes gonna carry it. her buying that croc birkin is the equivalent of you buying a speedy.

      • Nuary

        Totally agree with Morgan, her buying that croc birkin = of you buying a speedy! And anyway, she looks flawless and hot at the same time even with flip flops!

  • Nívia

    There’s something in her visual that just not worked out…
    Well In dispate of the beautiful bag, totally inapropriated in the look , I DISLIKE these photos

  • Monica

    Nope. I don’t care who you are, a bag like that needs a little more respect. Is she incapable of at least putting on some pants? Casual chic is really at its extreme and we need to reel it in.