Photos via Hermes

We’ve all heard the phrase “good enough to eat” used to describe a whole range of visually delectable non-edibles, but it looks as though Hermes has taken the words to heart in celebration of its new Hermes Kelly Picnic Bag; the brand put together homages to the icnonic Kelly bag made out of all the foods you’d need for a proper outdoor meal.

As you might have quessed, the new Kelly Picnic is made out of the familiar woven wicker of a traditional picnic basket, only topped with a barenia leather flap and Kelly closure for that special Hermes touch. You can see it and the rest of the food Kellys after the jump, but considering the scorching heat that New York City endured this weekend, the oranges above are the most enticing of the bunch to me.

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  • Amy

    I love ’em all!

  • Kirstin Marie

    Oh my gosh, these are all so creative & fun!!

  • Chele

    Love the pix! Very whimsical….

  • Bir

    Had to be Hermes I would love a scarf with oranges Kelly picture printed on they are so beautiful!!!!!!

  • roberto

    i did it take u so long to write this, that has been in the hermès site since april?!!!!!!!!!!

    • We don’t always have the time to go page by page through every designer’s website – Hermes uploaded them to Facebook for the first time yesterday, so that’s when we saw them!

  • Ruhee

    So pretty and super creative!!

  • mochababe73

    So cute. I think that the ham one is my favorite. I agree with Bir. They should make a scarf with the orange Kelly and white background. Stunning.

  • Purse Pixie

    A Kelly made of meat is bit much for me. Love the others, though.

  • Silversun

    Bwahaha, I so need a meat Kelly in my life, stat!

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    Not a fan of these bags!

  • Cd

    i don’t understand. are those real handbags?

  • Nicoletta

    Not fond of them at all. I like the classical Kellys. These are destroying Kellys’ class and charisma! Fun bags are never elegant at all.

    • DanielFeng

      These are just pictures, not real bags -_-

  • Stephen

    Very creative. I hate to say it though but I think the Hermes Kelly and Birkin bag are some of the most boring and ugly bags. I do not know why everyone one wants them except to tell the world they bought an overpriced tote. They just have no design and detail they are just a square bag with handles and a belt closured. I think there are so many other bags that are just amazing like the PS1.

    • Stefy

      Part of me agrees with you but the other part of me…really wanna continue collecting these bags. haha..

  • Shelina

    OMG love the bread kelly


    very lovely, so lovely