Looking through the pictures of an Hermes runway show can be almost anticlimactic – we know that Jean Paul Gaultier is going to do something brilliant and that Hermes only uses the absolute best in luxury materials and finishes. They’ve set such a high bar for themselves that even though the team behind the brand almost always turns out brilliant work, I find that the attitude tends to be, “Of course it’s good. It’s Hermes.” Their perfection can feel repetitive at times.

For Fall/Winter 2010, however, Hermes did something that had a few people wrinkling their noses. Instead of the traditionally luxurious inspirations that we’ve seen them use recently, Gauliter went for a collection based on The Avengers and Emma Peel and created a retro superhero fantasy covered in the finest black leather. I’m not one of those people that’s going to question them – I adored it, from beginning to end. It may have used more leather than some people would have preferred, but leather goods are their bread and butter – why not extend that to normal garments, as well?

As for the bags, you really can’t go wrong with an enormous black crocodile Birkin. Or black croc anything – it was abundant in this show. The tiny Kellys attached to umbrella handles were adorable and irreverent, so long as you only intend to use the umbrella as a walking stick. The regular-size studded Kellys felt a little like they were grabbing on to the tail end of a trend, but the studding was fine enough that the bags still looked fairly fresh and desirable.

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  • ShoeQueen1961

    I’m so sorry… What were you saying? I was so busy salivating over the croc Birkins!!!

    • sarafina77

      Oh man… me too… can’t even handle it…. GAH!

  • Becca

    Dare I say it….am I the only one a little bored by the sight of yet another Birkin?!

    • Nick

      Nope, it’s deffiantly not just you. Im kinda bored with it too. I wish they would make a new style bag. As much as I loved this collection, I was a little bored. Same old, same old. Hermes is always, hard, and rouch, masculine. I loved to see Gaultier pull out a collection that is flowy and soft and femminine. Sorta like Bottega Veneta :]]

  • Catherine

    I Love Hermes, but if you happen to travel to Jakarta (The capital city of Indonesia)…its like LV in Japan. Once I went to a Bazaar held by my friend, saw 50 Birkins in one sightings…in any colour & leather you name it, its there to see. You see it everywhere even at malls…getting sick of the Birkin bags…but…I love the Tiny Kelly Bags….its soo cute & fashionable.

    • Bag Brag

      Were they original or did you made your way to Plaza Indonesia? Or some shady ITC?

  • Mochababe73

    Oh, boy. If I didn’t love Hermes, I LOVE it now. In the words of Teresa Giudice-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. MWAH, MWAH, MWAH!

    By the way, I think that his name is spelled Jean-Paul Gaultier.

  • The Style Revolution

    Love Hermes!

  • Chris

    The Kelly bags are adorable !

  • Graciella

    Like it! But I’d have loved to see the studding on something a bit more simple like a Plume. Anyway, I’d take one of those lovely Kelly Pochettes please!

  • Paulina

    Kellys and Uggs had kids?

    • 19yearslater

      Yeah, a couple of those bags appear to have been made from Uggs.

    • Merve

      hahahahah kelly and uggs had kids hahahaha

  • ash

    love the leather of the sixth and the twelve, what kind of leather was used for it, it looks like it’s glimmering, i like :)

    the bags are gorgeous as usual but the clothes are a bit bland for me..

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love the little Kellys. Very classic and stylish show, but I am over the Birkin. Where is the new ‘it’ bag? I wish they would break out with something new…

  • hect

    total perfection as allways hermes, shall be hermes, yesterday today and tommorow the perfect bag the perfect look the perfect brand divine. it is only natural the house would be named after a god in the end it is again divine, as are the bags from the collection

  • torrey

    i about creamed my pants when i saw the black kelly and birkin… with MINI STUDS!
    i’ll have to start saving for the later.

  • Bagolicious

    I’m not one into the whole Hermes thing, but I must say that that little, orange Kelly is just too divine.

  • Rosanna

    I don’t think there’s anything NOT to love about this collection. It’s absolutely beautiful! (fb)

  • Elyse

    Oh Hermes, how I adore you… (fb)

  • Posh



  • Latifa

    Is it me or is Matte Croc is a classier look to a shiny one?

  • Joyce

    These are classy. a little too plain for me but looks like it’s got super awesome quality tho (fb)

  • Joyce

    actually..the second one on the right column is not bad…! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    *drools* :D

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • b

    Love #8 (fb)

  • Joy

    love love love love loveee
    except the lamb skin looking one
    but anyways love!

  • Jacqueline

    Love the studded design. Its not too over bearing. (fb)

  • Emma G

    Love the little Kelly’s so sweet (ipad)

  • irish golda escalona

    i love hermes it’s durable and sturdy…i cant wait til they go on sale:) seriously how can i get a 5%-10% discount?pls email me.thank u so much and God bless^^

    • marissa strew

      how about some more LV maam?but i think hermes bags more suits for you

  • 5love1

    Love those. Shearling darling, shearling! Not Uggs.
    Kelly in shearling! Now we’re talking!