Hermes bags are among the most sought after, most exclusive handbags in the world. Prices in the 5 digits and customer waiting lists with years in waiting time are both common alike. Needless to say, it’s absolutely exhilarating to see some of our forum members who are proud owners of some very rare pieces that take your breath away. For me, it’s particularly the sheer beauty of these timeless Kelly and Birkin pieces… and the excitement to know that our site plays host to some of these wonderful collectors. Enough talking, let’s see the goods:

shopmom’s Hermes 28cm Vintage Combo Kelly
Hermes 28cm Kelly

aspenmartial’s Hermes Orange Ostrich Birkin (30cm) and Turquoise 27cm Bolide
Orange Ostrich Birkin Hermes Bolide

duna’s Hermes Family
40 Courchevel gold Birkin G/H
35 black Clemence Birkin G/H
40 Ardennes Birkin Marron Glacè? G/H
32 black box 32 Kelly G/H
32 courchevel gold Kelly G/H
32 box vert foncè Kelly G/H

37 Bolide Rouge H Clemence Pall/H
32 Pullman croc miel (vintage)
32 box Rouge H Plume G/H
Masai PM Etoupe Clemence Pall/H

Hermes Collection

theITbag and Chanchan’s Hermes Collection
35 Birkin Fjord Palladium Rouge H
35 Birkin Togo Ruthenium Indigo/Blue Jean
35 Kelly Epsom Palladium Raisin/Cyclamen
32 Kelly Fjord Palladium Black


addicted’s Hermes Collection
32cm Black Box Kelly
35cm Rouge H Chevre Kelly
32 cm Gold Togo Kelly
32 cm Potiron Chevre Plume
Hermes Bags

This is obviously just a small selection of the stunning bags that many members have posted. Many thanks to all that contributed to the Hermes Reference thread. For much more information on Hermes bags and items, please visit our Hermes Forum.

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  • crochetbella

    Gorgeous bags everyone! :)

    • suheel

      haha. my mom has quit ea few of hermes bags. haha

      i didn’t really know the price of it until i got older, but one time i took one without her knowing and sold it for 700 bucks. haha

      and after i figured out the price, i was like I GOT RIPPED OFF! haha.

      now my mom doesn’t let me touch her stuff. haha.

  • SJ

    Hermes bag is so Wonderful!

  • Tuesday

    Shopmom, you’re bag is just beautiful!

  • shopdiary

    has anyone seen this and this>? ooh la la!

  • shopgirl


  • joannassf

    Great collections…
    Wait till you see mine!!!!

  • LLL

    What is wrong with the people buying this stuff? It’s insane to pay these prices for any of this. Yes, I can afford any of this stuff but I have never seen a purse worth more than $100.00

  • ade

    anyone intends to sell the birkin bag, i wanna buy it

  • ursulla

    Hermes shows the financial status of a woman.
    Well anyway i wish to have one and more. :lol: :roll: :grin: :roll:

  • LOVE these bags – wondering if anyone has one in white?
    Would love a white one but cannot seem to find out.
    Check us out at;
    “Where Fashion meets Inspiration head on!”
    Fashion Attraction to Abundance!” EfferVaCious

  • Andrea Davis

    I have two nice bags. One is a croc. and the other red. I was trying to sell them but decided to keep the grey croc maybe. if anyone is interested let me know.

    I have only took them out once. I have alot of other bags that I use.

  • hermilyn

    Hermes bag?? wow!!! its your quite finacial status in silence..when you’re carrying it, you suddenly feel the difference of you from the others…hehehehe..Wish I could have one and more…

  • Linh Lee

    Hermes bag is so Wonderful! beautiful ~.~”


    I am interested in buying a used Hermes Kelly bag of 32cm Crocodile leather, in good condition.

  • Naggy

    All I think about when I look at these Hermes is how much of my current and future college tuitions they’d pay off as I don’t care for these bags at any income. (ipad)

  • Lia

    how much is the second hand hermes kelly 35cm toile barenia 2004 model?

  • mata-sahabatin

    would u give me one of them???free??hahhahah

  • Barbara

    ridiculous to carry a bag that costs tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

  • jaan

    i am crazy to have one or just even second hand…..carry an expensive branded bag is worth to be one of a kind