britney spears hermes kelly

Say it ain’t so. The Queen of Worst Dressed, ah yes Britney Spears, was snapped carrying a absolutely drool worthy handbag. Even worse is that she carried this bag, knew she would be photographed with it, dressed horribly, and there is that poor bag, calling my name to save it. I can do this. I can have my people talk to Brit’s people and let them know her Hermes Crocodile Kelly would look much better on me. A Hermes bag is hard to get your hands on, let alone a Croc Kelly. Who knows what she will do with it? Stuff it with her tiny dog and Cheese Puffs? I sure hope not. Maybe having a manager now keeps her looking a tad better. Nevertheless, the Hermes lovers out there are disgruntled and beside themselves that Brit has this handbag.

To make matters worse, it seems that Brit got in a mini accident while her Croc Kelly was in tote. TMZ reports (and shows a video) hence her crouching tiger showing crotch shot below. She had to check the damages, and now we all feel damaged having seen her in this pose.
britney spears hermes kelly3

Just hand over the bag, and no one will get hurt!

More pics below!

britney spears hermes kelly1

britney spears hermes kelly2

Images via Gossip Rocks and TMZ

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  • Margarita

    One word:

    EW. :roll:

    • tiger

      :sad: Right i dont see the big deal about this bag it looks a old lady bag from the 60’s


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  • labellabonita

    poor dog. i pity him so much. he looks like he’s crying for help. help! get me off this woman!


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  • Rose

    She is such a mess! Oh it’s like a train wreck. I want to look away but I can’t.


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  • cordelia

    Isn’t it obvious? She’s trying to be Paris Hilton! Just look at the way she carries the dog! Lol.

  • christina

    That is my dream bag!!!!
    Now I am gonna have nightmares. :sad:
    That pic of her checking her car is just so eeewwwwww

    • anny

      Hi I’m new here,

      For the Kelly lovers,

      Is Cordelia or somebody else interested with a vintage -look brand new black croc kelly Hermes bag-, cause I have one for sale, look exactly like Britney’s one.
      Let me know… :roll:


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    • Anna

      so you better than brit huh. why u cat get bag. oh i see u dont have that much $ right. poor u. maybe britneys style bad but she working hard for her luxurious life. dont be a ridiculous.

  • missruby

    I saw these some of these pics somewhere else and I said…hmmm that sure looks like a Kelly bag, but then I figured…nooo cant be thats BRITNEY SPEARS :lol: , she probably doesnt even know what that is…god, what is she doing with it?! She really is a mess.

  • Becky

    Is it just me or does the front of her “hair” in the last pic look like hair plugs?

    • Roxana

      they probably are. Wasn’t she bold just a few months ago? Nobody’s hair grows that fast…
      I feel bad for her, she looks like she is trying so hard, but it all comes out wrong.. :cry:


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  • Alice

    Who let her enter into Hermes and buy a bag?!?!? :shock: :shock: :shock: That’s not fair!!!!
    And I agree, poor dog, please someone save the dog and the bag!!! :cry:

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    Are we even certain this bag is the real deal? She was photographed just a few days ago carrying an “inspired” Chanel look-a-like. It wouldn’t surprise me if this bag turned out to be a fake.

    • So far most Hermes ladies and gents say it is real :!:

  • travelbliss

    Thanks for the laugh……I needed it !!!!

  • Bobbi

    I agree with Diana, can we be sure this is even real? It looks like a swoon worthy Hermes, but Brit was photgraphed carrying that atrocious fake Chanel just a few days ago. She is such a mess you can’t tell if she doesn’t know the differnece between fake and genuine or if she just doesn’t care.

  • ren

    This reminds me of those “save the children” posters with the sad big-eyed children. I just want to save the puppy and the bag.
    Where’s Bono when you need him?

  • Alexia

    the worst handbag/owner clash i’ve ever seen lol

    • trustsupplier

      Now I am gonna have nightmares.

  • LyannaS

    OMG, why is she allowed out in public? I don’t know whether to pity her or not. Can’t she hire a PA to organise her life?

  • sandy

    she is a total train reck! i not only do i feel bad for her kids, i feel bad for her dogs, her designer clothing (even the ones she walked out on from the photo shoots), i feel even worse about the bags that she carries…. they should be on someone else! ALL OF THEM!

  • joe

    yes she’s deep in the grey area, and her fashion sense is nowhere to be found, however, with that bag maybe she’s gearing toward the right fashion direction…(baby steps) i would love it if she would hire rachel zoe (hate her though) but look what she did for ms richie. plus it would be two birds with one stone cause nicole loss alot of weight when she went under ms zoe.

  • Baby Pop

    Maybe her dog picked out the bag.

  • Aidan

    Why is her hair so greasy?

  • janis

    I feel embarrassed for her. But can you imagine what it would be like to not even be able to bend over without some idiot taking your picture? She used to be such a cute girl…what happened?
    Great bag tho’

  • peyeo

    it’s sad that her image has turned to such diaster. she was so popular and so pretty but now so fugly :sad: .

  • Conchita

    did she forgot to wear her knickers again???!!! i didn’t want to zoom… scared of what i’ll see…

    poor dog… poor bag… both hanging on the wrong arms!


  • Odie

    Ok purse blog lady. First off the girl aint dressed horribly. She just wearing a blue sun dress and plain shoes. what the hell is wrong with that. And let me say I AM NOT A Britney fan. She’s nuts, no doubt about it. But she isnt dressed badly, this time, and they bag looks great with her dress. So in no uncertain terms. lay off!

    PS I don’t see what’s so great about these Hermes bags anyway. They’re just square boxes with handles. No intricate details, no rare exotic materials. I don’t get it.

    • christina

      You are not Britney are you ?????
      I would just like to say I think the pic of her checking her car, looks likes she taking a leak!!
      She has a nice dress on and a gorgeous bag, but she looks so out of it.
      Hermes does lots of rare exotics!!! and I am glad they dont do intricate details. They dont have to, their bags are too gorgeous!!!

  • devone

    yes i do agree with odie.The color of the dress is gorgeous and so is the turquoise and marcasite chandelier earrings to top it off. seems like a fashion do to me. her gold shoes are fine and so are the soltice eyewear. hermes is so entrenched and steeped in tradition, grace kelly covering her pregnant belly with the sac courrier, the proper name for the kelly. Audrey hepburn and her constance and croc kelly (incidentally the same black croc kelly) which was procured by glenda bailey of Harpers Bazaar. so when a girl like britney carries it we are disgusted, granted her poses and greasy hair are nauseating, but saying nother woman is a summation of her bag is far more nauseating to me.

  • karolynka

    there’s one important yet simple “thing” brit will never buy with all her $$ :: class. she could wear the most amazing bags, jewels, dresses (though i’d save the bag only in this particular case)..but it’s like dressing up a class, no attitude, no amazing bag can’t help you huni, soooorry :???: :cry: :sad:

  • kendra

    her fashion sense is a joke!

  • Katette

    You guys are gutless!!! Just leave her alone, its her choice if she wants to look/dress that way, you know its just not all about the looks! Very shallow ppl use are!

  • rrr

    oh my god….

  • Diamond

    She’s ugly, she makes the bag look bad.

  • RGM

    That bag is probably fake (well, I’m hoping, because I’d feel terrible if it was authentic). Anyway, the reason why I say it’s fake is that she carried a fake Chanel 2.55 the week before this photo was taken, so chances are…

  • Sara

    :twisted: “Sciattona” is the best way to classify this type of “woman”. I hate her…she can’t own a Kelly…please tell me that this isn’t true… >.

  • jadey –

    i loveee her wallet:] where’s it from?!

  • HS

    She really has changed a lot. Her marriage has ruined her life and style BIG time. Such a pity…

  • kristof

    what does she care? she’s richer than all of us together but she just doesn’t care. I don’t mind her carrying a hermes bag, AFTER ALL so does all the other celeb junks, like kate moss carrying prob her drugs in her birkin, or other celebs… britney is just the most exposed, there are other celebs even worse, just not showing it!

  • hermesforlife.

    Any Hermes afficianado would be able to tell that this is a fake Hermes.
    It can be seen on the links which join the handles to the bag, the Hermes ones look a lot different.

    Sorry Brit :roll:

  • deebag

    js leave her alone…and live your life peacefully. :smile:

  • Mel D

    Mehhh… I don’t like the bag. It’s shaped like one of those ready-to-go gift bags. And too big. It looks like a briefcase for women. BS (gotta love those initials) could’ve used the giant bag to hide behind while she did the squat but nooooo…

    I think the dog looks more fashionable with his little shoes on.

  • MissLoveChanel

    That looks like a real Kelly to me…the handles are different from the pochette, but this is not a pochette.
    I think Britney is dressed fine in these photos and it’s just unfortunate that a photographer had the poor taste to snap a picture of her in an indelicate position.

  • falee

    there’s no god!
    she looked like debi mazar (entourage) in the 2nd last pic. how could that be pretty?
    there’s realy no god!!!

  • falee

    fake, no kidding…the scale of the croc is too small at the sides, as for the authentic ones, it’s bigger for porosus.
    too bad, really, there’s no god! (sob)

  • JaN JaN

    she is an insult for the bag ~

  • Hermesfabulous

    I think it soooo SAD that people can criticise people who generally need HELP!!Get a life an d maybe look at yourselves and the Kelly is obviously authentic

  • Carolyn

    Just the fun of it, I looked up Hermes handbags on Ebay. You can buy a house with that money!! Sixteen grand, eighty grand, ninety grand!! Sinful.

  • Gwena

    I think the reason people resent Britney carrying the bag is not the design, though while a icon of taste and exquisite style, the carrier Britney is basically the antonym of the bag’s namesake, Grace Kelly. Britney promotes her carreer by any means possible it seems, and often utilizes some of the most promiscous, enraging tactics in order to gain that end. Grace Kelly on the other hand, was known for her quiet, swan like demenor, someone of whom was said that no man could be around without that man falling in love. She was never seen in public without perfect clothes, wore gloves much of the time, and perfect makeup and hair. She also tried her best to keep her name out of scandalous rumors, and when married she decided to focus soley on her family. Her husband never married again after her untimely death at 50 or so years old. He never remarried, likely because he could never bear to forget Grace. Also, this bag is mostly seen on women with impeccable taste in bearing and style. So although the bag may not look like anything spectacular, it is nonetheless a testament of perfection in style and taste, combined with such a lovely sense of classiness and decorum that it is like a gold ring with a backdrop of a pigs snout on some people whose names I will refrain from uttering. Simplicity combined with tastefulness, these are highly regarded by some. Which is why it is so heartbreaking for some to see this standard flaunted by someone so terribly different from anything for which this bag stands. Grace Kelly will be remembered fondly… and Britney will never be the woman that she was!

  • marie

    Stop hating. It makes you look bad. What’s there to gain from trashing her? Does it make you feel better? Get over yourselves.

  • popozao

    Wow, “Gwena” I love the way you think !! sincerely.

  • popozao


  • mave

    I know this post is superold and no one might even see what i wrote..

    but i can’t resist

    Hermes should have never even let her into the store..,

  • danica

    there bags are very beautiful.

  • Boom Bimz

    I dont really like that black one…but the other colors like PINK are pretty:)