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Alessandra Ambrosio Shops at Chanel with Hermes


Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio, carrying a tan leather Hermes Evelyne Bag (and rocking a matching Hermes belt) while shopping at the Chanel flagship boutique on Robertson Boulevard in LA. This seems to be a new purchase for Alessandra, as it didn’t appear in our very recent edition of “The Many Bags of Alessandra Ambrosio.” Alessandra does have a well-documented affection for Chanel, however. Hermes used to vend the Evelyne on their website, but sadly, that no longer seems to be the case.

We feature a LOT of supermodel celebs on PurseBlog (they always carry great bags), but I have a soft spot for Alessandra and her breezy, casual personal style. (And her short shorts. So, so many short shorts.) While the Miranda Kerrs and Rosie Huntington-Whiteleys of the world always look professionally styled to a tee, Alessandra’s looks let us believe that she might actually dress herself in the morning. (Which is, I’m sure, exactly what her stylist would like us to believe.)

Alessandra Ambrosio carries a tan Hermes bag in LA (2)

Alessandra Ambrosio carries a tan Hermes bag in LA (3)

Alessandra Ambrosio carries a tan Hermes bag in LA (4)

Alessandra Ambrosio carries a tan Hermes bag in LA (5)


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  1. Petra B. Avatar

    I don’t like this bag at all. It doesn’t scream luxury at all!

    1. Sophie Proust Avatar
      Sophie Proust

      Why does it have to “scream luxury”? That seems to suggest that the only reason for carrying a nice bag (or anything that’s well-made and enjoyable to use) is for it to scream at people, “Look, I’m luxurious!”

      1. Petra B. Avatar

        In my opinion, for a bag to have a hefty price tag like the evelyn, with a shape that is oh so not special or unique (rather tame shape, in my taste) is outrageous. However, I do agree with you.

  2. H_watch Avatar

    Too much H with the belt and the bag… tacky.

  3. Kate Avatar

    The Evelyne is a great bag. I recently bought two on the Hermes website. Love it cross bodied

    1. ggirl Avatar

      did the website have variety of colors? we don’t have a store and when i called to buy from store they wouldn’t allow me i have to go personally to a store to buy but online i cant find the color i want 🙁

  4. princess Avatar

    love her casual outfit

  5. mary Avatar

    what size did she carries?