Introducing the Gucci Attache Bag

An ode to timeless Hollywood glamour


When you’re a handbag lover and hear the word Gucci, it’s likely you immediately think of one of two things, or sometimes both. That would be the Gucci GG Supreme print or the iconic and instantly identifiable Gucci Web. Both motifs are historic parts of the brand’s genetic code, utilized for decades on various products from bags and shoes to clothing and accessories. Both emblems have been reinvented time and time again, and for the coming season, the two unite within Gucci’s latest bag, the Attache.

Classically Chic

The Attache bag marries two of Gucci’s most important house codes, creating the 2022 version of everything that is coveted and popular in the designer handbag world. There’s a bit of a vintage feel coming from the historic Gucci Web, then there’s the bag’s silhouette, which feels incredibly modern and fresh. To finish it off, Gucci’s Monogram print appears, which remains relevant, feeling modern yet classic at the same time.

Yes, it’s true; Monogram never really goes out of style.

Wrap all of this into one, and you’ve got the Gucci Attache bag, a bag I personally am delighted by and feel that many Gucci loyalists and handbag collectors alike will covet too. The bag’s hobo silhouette is incredibly relevant to the season, and its shape will be one of the most wanted for fall.

Gucci Attache Bag

A Vintage Vibe

Said to be a nod to timeless Hollywood glamour, the Attache is distinguished and refined with its cool crescent moon shape and G-hooked closure. It’s this hook closure that gives the bag its name, said to be derived from the French word for “hook.” The signature G is also an ode to Gucci’s heritage, furthering the bag’s vintage appeal.

Available in two sizes, small and large, the line provides something for everyone, with leather and suede options available for those who prefer something more understated but still enjoy the classic Gucci feel. The bag can be worn with the signature G-lock hooked or unhooked, which allows the bag’s look to take on a completely different feel.

Shop the Gucci Attache Bag

Gucci Small Green Attache

Gucci Large Red Attache


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  1. psny15 Avatar

    Something just doesn’t work for me and I want to like this bag but I cannot

  2. Snibor Avatar

    Love this!

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Love love love Gucci, but not loving this bag at all….

  4. Miss_Mindy Avatar

    A few years ago I was addicted to Gucci bags. They were so pretty. They are so basic now.

  5. Grace Adler Avatar
    Grace Adler

    I don’t care for the shape at all.

  6. Deliah Boerleider Avatar
    Deliah Boerleider

    Seems like too much work to close. I am always rushing so I don’t have time to fiddle with this opening

    1. Sandy Avatar

      I believe you do not have to fasten the top closure, you can use it as a hobo. I love this bag!

  7. LuckyinKentucky Avatar

    Aside from the clothing being very distracting to the bags…I don’t know if the one model with the monogram small attache bag is going to ride a bull, go to church with her cross necklace, hit the gym, or gearing up for her next BDSM gig with those dominatrix-esque gloves….or maybe all of those things…I just don’t care for the shape of these “hobo” bags. Maybe it’s the clasp making the curve too defined and me just liking the top of a hobo bag to be a little less defined and more relaxed, but it’s a pass for me. No unicorns here for me. Here’s hoping Gucci will have a better collection release next season.

    1. Brenda Avatar

      Timeless Hollywood glamour…

  8. Steve Avatar

    Finally they are available!!!
    I love those new bags and can’t wait to see them in fresh.
    I like both leather and canvas but most likely I will buy a large in canvas.
    Very unique and eye catchy design! Love it

  9. Kaly Avatar

    The one in the very first photo, love it!!!!

  10. Aspen Avatar

    I’m almost positive this is a “reissued” bag.

  11. Sara Avatar

    I love the look but it seems like it might be awkward to put the narrow strap opening on the arm. And access doesn’t easy either.

  12. alexis168 Avatar

    It looks awkward.

  13. Natalie Avatar

    It looks like a fortune cookie lol

    1. Farhy27 Avatar


  14. Farhy27 Avatar

    Gucci’s style reminds me of Coach more and more. We already have Coach bags.

  15. Cher Avatar

    I just think the bag looks like a dimsum:P

  16. Marie Paparone Avatar
    Marie Paparone

    Doesn’t anyone else think that the price is excessive?????

    1. Candee Avatar

      Yes, it’s ridiculous!

  17. TKS Avatar

    This looks like a very very lazy clumsy design.

  18. Kim Avatar

    The “G” on my bag does not go through the hook. I do not care for it hooked but it’s the point! Will have to return.