Gucci Towards the Sun Offers Seasonal Iterations of House Staples

A collection chock full of crochet, pastels, raffia and more!

Summer is in full swing, and Gucci’s summer mode is on, celebrating warm sunny weather, days by the pool, and evening drinks by the beach with a brand new selection of ready-to-wear, handbags, and more. Gucci Towards the Sun takes its most beloved pieces and envisions them for the warm weather months.

Easy, breezy fabrics are completed with bright pops of color and muted pastels. Pieces are meant to feel relaxed and easy-going, mimicking how one should feel during the sunny months of summer.

GG Monogram, Reimagined

Within the Gucci Love Parade collection, patterns come to life and take center stage with the new Towards the Sun offerings. Envisioned for days spent by the sea, whether you love Gucci’s emblematic monogram or prefer a less logo-laden pattern, there’s something for you.

GG Monogram is given a raffia-effect makeover, appearing on iconic silhouettes like the Diana and the Marmont. For those looking for a more understated pattern, there’s houndstooth, which is showcased on the Gucci Diana bag and a Mini Gucci Bamboo Wallet on Chain, both of which beg to be paired with white eyelet dresses for the summer season.

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 is also redefined this season, showcasing the GG motif raffia effect, which is outlined in leather trim. Towards the Sun enriches House signature items, focusing once again on Gucci’s archive-inspired Beloved lines, proving that, season after season, these archetypes remain relevant.

Presenting Towards the Sun

The new summer selection is presented in notable new campaign images, which were shot on the coast of Provincetown, located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This quintessential summer spot was selected to showcase the collection as it is a chosen escape for many creatives and artists alike. The selection is available now, presented within creative pop-ups and window displays that are fun takes on the houndstooth print debuted in this collection. Discover more below.

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Gucci Towards the Sun Summer 2022 2

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Gucci Towards the Sun Summer 2022 12

Gucci Towards the Sun Summer 2022 18

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1 year ago

Those are really wonderful! And for once, the images inspire happiness rather than a weird sense of 70s drab.

1 year ago

I really like the bags.

1 year ago

Quite joyous

1 year ago

I like the brown and crocheted bag. The colors are pretty together.