It is back! Remember the infamous Gucci Baby Carrier that I covered in 2005? And if you do not remember, it is most likely because you had no idea this site existed, and that makes perfect sense since our traffic was minuscule compared to what it is now. For some reason this Designer Baby Carrier caused quite the ruckus! Some loved it, some hated it, some hated those that loved it and vice versa. In fact, I was baffled at the comments that post received. And then I revived it showing Gwen Stefani carry baby Kingston in her Gucci Baby Carrier. Gwen pulls off the Gucci baby carrier magnificently, she looks so effortlessly chic, per usual. But should we trust the Gucci Baby Carrier to be the safest mode of transport for our young ones? That question is ultimately up to you, but I do question if this carrier puts style in front of safety. Dimensions are 16″W X 18½”H X 7¼”D and it is available on the Saks website in beige/ebony GG fabric. Buy through Saks for $850.

Not so fast! If you were sold on this, I may have some photos that make you reconsider. Guess who else was seen recklessly and most definitely improperly using the Gucci Baby Carrier?

None other than Britney Spears! This was of course back in the day when she had custody of her children, but still, it makes you rethink this carrier. Look at how she just throws it over her body and dangles her son. Yikes!

Images via X17 Online

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  • Vanessa

    I remember this. Britney looked awful with it because they recommend it for baby’s less than a yr old, so sean preston was then already too old and big for it

  • Kirara

    my friend was actually wanting to buy this when she had her first child, but when she tried it on she noticed that the straps were too thin and the whole thing just seemed really flimsy and insecure.

  • ^ I am not sure it is the safest… not sure I would trust my baby with it!

  • Black Beauty

    Eight fitty for this death trap???!!! :shock: Ahh-hell-no- damn-way! :eek:

  • The price is absolutely ridiculous. Monograms are still a no-no for me.

  • Jahpson

    ok, he is way too old to be in that. whats next? a sling?

  • sputnik

    ugly AND stupid. of course twitney had to get it!

  • Claire

    Gee, don’t think about the BABY’s comfort and safety Brit. You look hot. Really.

  • tore

    i bought this gucci baby carrier. and i can say its the worst thing i have used my money to buy…i dont think its the safest for a baby has d straps are too slim and i dont think it can hold a baby….

  • Passion4Handbags

    I love the Gucci look but for a baby carrier. I think they should stick to handbags and such. Authentic Gucci Handbags

  • DesertRose

    A bit too ostentatious for my liking, but I must admit babies do look posh in it…

  • jade

    i love gucci and have loads of there stuff,, i brought this for my lil neice x

  • Discount Jeans

    I love those. Pity I’m not a lady and cannot wear them!