One of our readers’ favorite types of posts to read (and one of my favorite types to write) is our What Fits series, where we showcase designer bags and, well, what fits inside of them, comfortably and realistically. (I’m sure you can always shove more things into a bag if you wish.) I’ve mostly featured smaller bags so far, because while it’s good to see what a larger bag fits, I find the logistics of having a smaller bag and figuring out if it’s usable for my personal life to be more important. I am “dimensionally challenged,” as Vlad likes to point out (it’s true, though–you should have seen the topper I first ordered for our wedding cake…), so visualizing a bag and what fits inside is difficult for me and, I’m sure, for plenty of you.

I’ve raved about my Gucci Soho Disco more times than I can count, and when Alessandro Michele introduced a newer version–with his touch–I had to have it. There is a larger version of this bag, which I will probably end up getting too, but today I’m sharing what fits inside of my Gucci GG Marmont Mini Matelassé Camera Bag.

The dimensions of this bag are a bit more compact than the Soho Disco, at 4.8″H x 7″W x 2.5″D. I wasn’t sure if it would be enough room for me, but it has worked out really well since I carry it as my smaller bag for my personal items while I carry a larger diaper bag for Millie. (More on my diaper bag, coming soon.) I love the matelassé leather, which adds a great deal of dimension, and find the gold GG logo to be just the right touch. The shoulder strap is long, with a 23.5″ drop, so I can carry this bag cross-body easily. The interior has microfiber lining with one slip pocket, which I usually drop some cards or cash into. I’ve been such a Gucci girl for a while, and this bag only furthers my love for the brand–it’s stylish and practical, which is precisely what I needed. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $980.

– Gucci Limited Edition Card Case | $370 via Gucci

I got this card case as a gift for the holidays from Gucci and I love it. My larger continental wallet seems to always just amass a ton of random receipts and cards, so this way I can pick exactly what I want/need and put it inside.

– Smythson Notebook | Shop Smythyson via Net-A-Porter

I know there are a million apps to track your notes and help keep you on track, but I need to physically write things down and check them off. I am forgetting things more easily now (nursing brain?!), so having a notebook with me at all times is so helpful.

– Dior Lip Cheek Velvet Color | Shop Dior lip products online

This specific lip gloss doesn’t seem to be available online anymore, but Dior makes some of the best lip glosses out there. I’m obsessed with this one and it’s been helping me look less like a zombie mom since having Millie!

– Lara Bar | Buy via Amazon

Since I got pregnant, I always needed a snack with me. That hasn’t changed since having Millie and nursing her. I always have a bar with me just in case!

– iPhone 7+
– Hair Tie and Bobby Pins (who doesn’t need these in their bag)
– Business cards
– Car Key
– Contacts

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  • Sarah

    Ahhh I love this bag! I wanted it before but now I really want to get it

  • Fawcett Proust

    Please refrain from advertising on PB. Thank you.

  • Fawcett Proust

    The Dior lip + cheek glow is available on Sephora.

  • Sandy

    This bag is so cute!! I am so tempted. I have a Chanel WOC so this bag seems redundant but I love it!

    • It’s different because the compartment is larger, but then again, I’m all about this bag and the WOC!

  • Jennyfir

    The Purseblog business cards are appropriately pretty :)

  • W S M

    Loving it. Gorgeous photos for a gorgeous bag.

  • Jerri R

    What Fits is my favorite kind of articles here! I find it really difficult to see if my particular phone will fit, from just looking at the dimensions in numbers. I have to be at the store in person and actually see if I can put in and take out my phone without much hassle.

    • So glad you like this post! I am numerically challenged so being able to visualize what fits inside of the bag in front of me works best too!

  • KathyandKenson Oscar

    I love this bag!

  • emily

    I’ve been waiting for a blogger to do a ‘what fits’ for this specific bag, definitely on my next purchase radar.

  • I would love to see a post on this bag vs. the soho disco like a side by side. I am torn between the two styles this post was helpful.

  • Marta

    I have the slightly larger version of this bag that sells for $1200, and I love it. It keeps me compact while still carrying everything I need. I’m loving my transition to carrying smaller bags, as it prevents me from carrying my life with me and straining my neck/shoulder/back. I never go crazy for a black bag, but it seemed my collection was lacking a more compact, black everyday bag, so I pulled the trigger on this beauty. I just love the Marmont collection.

    • Ah, I want the larger version as well – but I am really loving this smaller one right now! It forces me to be sure that what’s in my bag is what I truly need, rather than carrying around extra weight and items

  • skim

    Card case is adorable! Could you do a mini review of it?