Fringe, fringe, fringe galore! I don’t usually have a problem with fringe, but I can’t decide if this bag has too much of it. Gucci is a brand I love. I have a pair of Gucci sunglasses I wear all the time and I am definitely on the hunt for a Gucci handbag I can tote around all the time as well. But, I don’t think this bag is it. The Gucci Large Babouska Hobo looks unique and perfect for the fall season. I think the stud accents and brass hardware compliment the fringe extremely well. In fact, as I sit here typing, the bag is starting to grow on me more and more. There is a double strap option (one detachable shoulder strap) which provides a nice option. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I am a self-proclaimed clutz. Nothing crazy, but I have been know to trip, drop my bag, and have the entire contents spilled out on the sidewalk. So, obviously, I love not only the snap and push-lcok closuer but also the inside zip and cell phone pocket. I am also drawn to how soft the leather looks. Who doesn’t love soft leather? But, I am still stuck on the fringe. What do you think – yay or nay? It can be bought through Saks for $2,495. (note: if you are interested in the bag pictured above, select the bag in “Mustard”)

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  • me

    I have a no fringe policy, but I don’t mind it on other people and this is a very nice bag.

  • I am not a huge fan of fringe either, but it is coming back full force for fall. It will be on countless bags!

    • Jaclyn Renee

      I feel like straping on a fur tail and braiding my hair when I look at this bag. I definitely think that this is a strong look! On the right lady this would be FAB!!!

  • Ellez

    I agree with the no fringo policy but is a nice looking bag. Not for me, but could definitely look cute on someone else!

    • Ellez

      ooopps *fringe*

  • janis

    I love fringe! Takes me back to my youth in the 70’s…this is a little high priced for something that will probably only be hot for one season. I will be wearing a little fringe this fall, tho!

  • Hmmm… It’s not growing on me, no matter how much I look at it. Too much going on.

  • Lisa

    I love this bag, have since I saw it! As with all things, would like to see it IRL before dropping that kind of $$$ :!:

  • V

    Too western-cowboyish for me. I like Gucci and few of their bags, but this one doesn’t cut it for me. As for fringes in general, I don’t mind them. As long as there’s only a little bit. But that’s too much for me.

  • Jane

    I don’t like this bag because it looks like it has a beard…

    • Jane

      or mustache..

  • pursecrzy

    I’m not a fan of fringe. This bag has too much going on- fringe and studs. The price is pretty high too.

  • beth001

    Bad, bad bag. It looks like it has ponytails.

  • carrie

    i have not liked a thing gucci has made since tom ford left, this bag included.

  • Mikissima

    a.. the bag, for some reason, resembles a shih-tzu for me….

  • I can imagine Jessica Simpson wearing this. Is that good or bad? Very cowgirl-ish and suits her new image as a crossover country singer……

  • Franca

    :?: :!: I prefer tassels on Balenciaga Bags… or :grin: “intreciati fringes” :grin: on Bottega Veneta bags…. I do not really like the last Gucci collection.even though this bag would the least worse of that .too flashy and too expensive collection.

  • susan

    I LOVE it!! And I’m going to buy it. It is darling.

  • Hez

    I’m open to fringe, especially on black rocker-chick bags with studs, but this bag looks like a walrus!

  • Hez

    …or like Asterix!

  • asil

    I like it :)
    Frida did fringe very well for the fall collection. must see it altogether to appreciate!

  • over studying

    The first time i saw that bag i was so confused. now i’ve seen it a couple of times i know i was just failling in love…. And i want it!! And i would buy it except for the fact that in a few years it will probably look ridiculous. But I could think of some amazing outfits that would go with that bag. its a fun mix on chic, and looks super comfy to wear. can’t wait to see it irl

  • kinny

    Somehow I do not associate fringe with ‘classy’ which is what Gucci’s image is to me. So this is a no buy. My favorite design of theirs was the Medium Queen top handle bag

  • That fringe bag reminds me of Harley Davidson accessories. Match on women riders.

  • Adrienne

    I think this bag is fabulous! I dont really think what’s in and out year to year matters as long as the woman carrying the item is sassy enough to rock it with style and grace. I get compliments year after year on timeless designer pieces that I’ve purchased through the years. I dont particularly like wearing an item in the season that its “hot”. Who wants to see themselves all over town? Definitely not me! I love this bag and I will be rocking it for years to to come!

  • bagho

    i bought this bag yesterday and absolutely love it. i have been searching for a cool handbag since the spring but i haven’t been able to get excited about much and found it difficult to drop $2K on the same run of the mill bags. this bag absolutely rocks. it is expensive but relative to handbags today, this one could easily sell for $4K. i love that it can be carried as a messenger bag and also a hobo. i bought it in black and it looks very hip with all black clothing. it is very well made and is a special bag.

  • Passion4Handbags

    This has to be one of my favorite looks that Gucci has come out with. The color, style and size are just perfect. Authentic Gucci Handbags

  • Fairy

    I just got it yesterday but the black oneeeee. HOTNESS i just need to get the loubtian’s boots with fringes :D

  • Jennifer

    It’s a really nice handbag but is too much that it doesn’t look chic.

  • ghada

    well..i got it its nice but the velvet things get dusty they need to be cleaned

  • malia


    one question, does the color “mustard” exist for the Babouska Bag? I cannot find it on the official gucci website. Also cannot find it on…..

  • chickatty

    I have this bag in chocolate suede and python and it is exotic and gorgeous and draws a ton of compliments. The mustard bag shown is it’s ugly cousin.