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  • Khaya

    These are great gifts! It really is a super sweet gesture to bring the hostess a gift and some of these are super creative. I love the soaps and the luxe city guides box set

    • The soaps are the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time! And I love the luxe city guides box set because the price is great and people love coffee table books!

  • racheldinh

    Thanks for sharing. I would like to avoid gifting wine to every host this holiday season.


  • as

    300 dollars for a book that only gets one year of use….

    • I have an Hermes calendar which is really nice because I can just buy the refills and keep the leather holder, but the refills are fairly pricey (then again of course they are, it’s Hermes)

      • dorothy9526

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  • FashionableLena

    Love the skull board. I want one just to display at my house.

  • Winn

    Are these affiliate links? If these are typical blog-type links where you are being compensated per click, or via commission per purchase of featured item, or per purchase of ANY item at the site being linked to, you owe it to your readers to disclose this.

    • We’ve always disclosed that we work with affiliate partners for our business. When a post is sponsored we mark it as such, which this one was not.

  • realitytvjunkie

    Are diptyque candles really that great?

    • ElainePG

      Yes, they are. I light one in my kitchen whenever I cook fish. Magic! No fishy smell in the house, and I don’t have to open a window in the winter! They last a long time, too. Just remember to trim the wick, as the instructions say. It really makes a difference.

      • They smell delicious, and the fig is one of the most popular!

      • ElainePG

        Figuier is lovely in the living room or bedroom, Megs, but Coriandre is my “go to” fragrance as a kitchen candle. It doesn’t cover up the smell of fish… it actually seems to absorb it. So if your hostess is a serious cook, she may appreciate Coriandre. (And no, I don’t work for Diptyque! I just live on the coast, and cook a lot of fish!)

      • Thanks for the tip! I’m gonna have to add that to my my Christmas list!

  • chkpfbeliever

    Thanks Megs. Great idea and love the guest soaps !!