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  • AshleyG

    hahahahaha! North is hilarious and super cute. If this post couldn’t make you smile even a little, you are a hater of the highest order!

    • Aoedele


  • Katrina

    She is adorable and oblivious to all the havoc dripping through her famous Family! Hope she remains that way and the convoluted lives of her family don’t destroy the innocence that is so breathtakingly fresh in such a stale family. I just wish she was in more pinks and lilacs and lemon greens and baby blues….. This is way too much black for a toddler;(

  • Monaco

    North West is such a beautiful child!

  • PJGambler

    “Her and I both share a love for the Adidas Superstar”. (Think you mean “She and I both…..”

  • she’s too cute!!

  • FashionableLena

    I enjoy pictures of North as she has the cutest facial expressions. What I don’t like is all that black and those heavy boots. Where does one even find black baby clothes. I have two kids, and I don’t ever remember seeing so much black. I have boys!
    Can you just say that I wany those espadrilles?!

    • Bcool

      I don’t think nori shops where everyone else shops =P that’s why.

    • Cara M

      My daughter is 2 and she has a pair of Dr Martens. Not nearly as many as North of course. :-) But they aren’t heavy at all. She runs and plays and has no problem with them at all. And they are cutest things ever.

  • Aoedele

    She is so adorable, her facial expressions are hilarious. I’m surprised Kim doesn’t dress her more girlie.

    • Lia

      I bet Kanye dresses Nori like how he dresses Kim.

  • louch

    I agree she is cute but I feel really sorry for her. She looks unhappy in lots of these photos. Every time I see her she is being dragged to another fashion show etc. I know – this will generate lots of disagreement – but what kind of kid wants to sit through one of those things?? It would be SOOOO boring for a young child. I really wish they’d just keep her out of the spotlight for her early childhood – she’s got the rest of her life to pose for cameras.

    • KWilliams

      My parents dragged me to people’s homes and events I didn’t want to go to, its called LIFE. Parents have to take their kids places with them unless they want their child to be raised by another adult. North will look back and probably think it’s cool she was around such influential folks, rather than I and most folks who was just dragged to the grocery store, church, relatives I barely knew, etc.

      • Although it’s unlikely that your parents dragged you to very crowded fashion shows with loud and rude paparazzi, loud music, flashing lights, and very scantily women stomping around. It’s one thing to not want to leave your child with nannies all the time, but it’s another to drag her to completely non-child-friendly, inappropriate places.

      • KWilliams

        No, because my parents were a teacher and a construction worker. Probably wasn’t the safest thing for me to go to my dad’s job sites but I did it. Probably isn’t the safest for North to watch Kayne perform but her and Blue Ivy will do it. It just different lifestyles, its what their parents do.

      • Louch

        I seriously doubt you had paparazzi in your face constantly. I don’t agree about her going to fashion shows with her parents – you don’t see other celebs with their kids at this age (Beckhams excepted). Nothing wrong w travelling w her folks but comparing your childhood to hers is like comparing apples with oranges. I was dragged to hospitals w my parents who were doctors – hated every minute of it and wished they’d gotten a nanny. At least I wasn’t harassed by media.

      • KWilliams

        That was my point that we cannot compare, that is her parents lifestyle therefore it is hers. They cannot walk down the street without cameras in their face so what are they supposed to do not walk down the street with their daughter? A toddler may not “belong” at a fashion show but there is truly worse places a child could be, its not the end of the world.

      • No one said it was the end of the world or that they should take them with her ANYWHERE, much less not walk down a street with her. I also did not suggest that they should leave her with a nanny all the time. But there is a spectrum in terms of places to bring your child, with kid-friendly on one to inappropriate/dangerous on the other. A crowded, noise fashion show would be closer to the “inappropriate” end of the spectrum.

      • emily

        There are going to be paparazzi wherever she goes, that’s the life celeb kids are born into.

    • emily

      She’s probably unhappy because she is constantly followed by paparazzi, she is two she doesn’t know what she wants to do nor would she know what boredom even is.

  • Sparkletastic

    This poor baby. She’s adorable but I can’t help to think what a mess she’s going to be raised by Kim and Kanye.

    • emily

      You don’t know how they’re like as parents, people call them bad parents but there are people who starve and beat their children it is evident they don’t do those things. So unless you have seen them with their children you have not right to call them bad parents.

      • Sparkletastic

        Actually, I do have the right and the privilege to do so. I can judge them based on the actions I see. They are exibitionists, narcissists, materialistic and unstable. I don’t need to see them in their homes 24/7 to make a proper judgement. You don’t have to beat or starve your child to be a bad parent. Kim and Kanye aren’t fit to raise a fish.

      • emily

        You don’t see anything, you literally see what the media writes and that’s about it. Their kids aren’t on the TV show and you don’t see them behind closed doors raising their kids. And unless you have a proper knowledge of psychology, I don’t seem what makes you qualified to label someone “unstable” when taking selfies and having a reality tv show isn’t what makes someone unstable.

      • Sparkletastic

        Lol! You act like I need your approval to express my opinion. And you presume to know what I see, know or understand. That’s cute.

        In any case, I feel Kim and Kanye are truly pathetic, ridiculous and unstable people – let alone parents. Feel free to keep defending them or telling other people what to think as that seems to make you feel better. That’s your perogative. Or perhaps you could try something more productive – like watching paint dry. :-)

  • fashion.foward

    this is the first time I saw something on the purseblog with a two digit price tag, now if only these shoes fit my size :/

    • Liza

      lol! I mean… Right?

  • Katelynsc

    Not a fan of either Kanye but I’m so pleased to finally a little girl not dressed up like a cupcake in pink and glitter
    She’s adorable

    • I really like that they don’t dress her like a cupcake, too–I couldn’t see dressing my own daughter that way, and it’s nice to see celebs who aren’t super obsessed with gendering their child. I had little black Keds instead of little white ones when I was a kid, and I turned out fine! (Although I did wear combat boots to work today.)

    • I agree about the glitter and pink, but I cannot condone black see-through lace for a toddler.

    • emily

      Me too, it’s refreshing not to see people dressing their kids up as the little girl stereotype. Kids are constantly getting dirty, they don’t need to be in girly dresses.

  • Anjum Hameed

    Till someone mentioned the lack of frilly pink stuff I honsetly hadn’t noticed the color of her outfits, I just saw a cute child!..I think the black rocks, wish I had thought of it when mine was a kid!