…you came back home on a Sunday morning, just to find out that your flatmate raided your closet post-pre-party and borrowed your most precious bag in your collection for a wild night out?? Assume the bag’s unharmed and your roomie is barely remembering what had happened the night before.

Do tell!

I figured this would make for a fun weekend debate. Feel free to adjust the scenario accordingly to suit your own situation. No bags and persons were harmed during the writing of this blog post.

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  • william

    Friends should be able to respect eachother’s belongings, especially the really expensive ones. I would have trouble trusting them.

  • Jahpson

    if the bag is unharmed, then its ok. otherwise she should have a good explanation and money to cough up the repairs or brand new handbag

  • FashionAddicted

    thank god thats never happened to me before, but honestly it depends how close that person is to me, if she was one of my closest friends, and she ruined my bag…then deep inside i would want her to pay for the damages, but part of me would tell her its ok, cause it would feel weird accepting money from her.
    lets just hope she decides to buy me a better one for my bday!

  • Chloé

    I would totally kick her out of the flat. By taking my belongings without asking my permission beforehand she is disrespecting me.

  • Babyboo

    i would killllllthe friend!!!!

    on another note come back online.. im seriously not liking this hardware update

  • Selena

    First I would quietly walk into the garage, grab the first sharp object I saw and quietly walk back into the house. Wait in her closet until she feel asleep then I would hack her to pieces. Well maybe not really but I would however put a lock on my closet and kick her out when the opportunity presented. Its just wrong to borrow something without permission. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  • sammyjoe

    I would be so angry!Lol!!

    Oh, can you please finish the updates!! I have some exciting news about a bag!!!lol!!


  • my new bag

    she was able to remember going in the closet to take the bag….so it depends on
    the closeness of the roomies, but I doubt any relationship, no matter how good,
    would include permission to use the other belongings without permission.
    especially good bags.

    Would it be the end of the rooming arrangement? probably not, unless it was repeated,
    then sayonara

  • bagnshoofetish

    put a rattlesnake in her underwear drawer. well, maybe not. If the bag was unharmed, I would just tell her to please never do that again. If the bag was damaged, I would give her an invoice for the cost of the bag. Maybe get Judge Judy involved just to hear her call her an idiot.

  • Roxana

    That would be a killer for my friendship! I don’t think I could forgive that, as I would not think of doing such a thing myself. It’s not like she borrowed money and put it back, a bag is way more personal and sometimes even irreplaceble..

    Do hurry with the new hardware… we forumjunkies are shaking out here! lol

  • That a rude roomate! they should respect your belongings and if they cant, why live with them? also, maybe you need a lock on your door/closet!