For about three minutes in my life, I was under the impression that Carine Roitfeld, Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, loved PurseBlog. That ended up being short-lived, for after Carine Roitfeld followed us on Twitter, she quickly unfollowed. Clearly it was a follow mishap. The mouse-clicked-on-the-wrong-button kind of follow.

You see, having a designer, editor, or important person follow you on Twitter means they take a liking to what you and your tweets have to offer (that is unless they follow anyone that follows them, which I never understand). For one short second I thought, “WOW, Carine Roitfeld loves us!” There was a lot of excitement. Carine is only following a select handful of people, and somehow, by accidental mouse clicking, we became one of them. I’ll take an accidental follow from one of the most influential women in the fashion industry any day.

Vlad would like me to add that her inherent degree of awesomeness is enhanced for naming her son Vladimir who is a photographer. Vladimir wants the other Vladimir to be his new best friend.

So thank you Carine for making my day by following us, even if only for a few seconds. You are an icon and shaped the way the world views fashion. Follow Carine on Twitter and while you are at it follow us on Twitter too!

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  • Alana

    That is really funny!!

  • Irene

    Does she look like Teri Hatcher? Or it’s just me…

  • Karin bag4bag

    Wait and see if Anna Wintour starts following too !

    • It may not even be her… but I am pretending it is. And yes please Anna, follow us! :)

  • Jane

    It could also have been because of the Twitter bug where people “accidentally” became a follower. Here is an article about it:

    • It was just this morning that this happened, I think that bug was fixed over a week ago, right?

      • That is correct, the “follow bug” was fixed a while ago when the vulnerability was first discovered.

    • Yep, that was last week! But either way, it was not on purpose (on her part I mean)

  • Redseouls

    Too bad she doesn’t know about the awesomeness that is The Purse Blog! :D

  • Claire

    That’s VERY cool! It means she was on your page at least, right?

  • Rosado

    LOL. Your social climbing ambitions, are showing.

  • Gail Falconer

    The day Carine Roitfeld follows the PurseBlog is the day after she has a frontal lobotomy.

    • LA

      Follow is right by block. I am sure that is the more likely option they were looking for.

    • Joan Hill

      well I guess she had that lobotomy cuz she is still following………..pretty sure she does not use or wear animal products

  • Raquel

    she’s such a bitch !!! i hate her , i prefer wintour

  • Deborah

    She actually IS following you guys right now !

    So glad for you <3

    It's even funny when you know that Carine does not carry bags, usually =)

    I took a SS :

  • Malistar

    O now shes too good for everybody? Shes a human just like everyone else and is not a God. Please she needs to stop acting like that b cuz Karma is a bitch. Its just social Network. ke Pendeja.

  • Joan Hill

    she is still following