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  • kindled

    the colors do look nice together?

  • Sara

    No purpose to carrying two hugely expensive bags except to show how much money you have. Which begs the question that if you have so much money why do you insist on looking like a homeless prostitute in terms of your clothing choices and hair extensions?

  • missarewa

    Ri can do no wrong! :) and those bags are gorgeous

  • noufa m

    I hate this trend ” the double bags ” it doesn’t look nice when you wear all your wardrobe in one time . not classy at all . and even if she is a trend setter or a fashionista there are a much better ways to present that. I don’t think it’s fashionable at all .

    • Courtenay P

      pretty sure that’s not all of her wardrobe

  • Cynthia Perez

    From the pictures it looks like Rihanna is using her CD bags as an accessory to cover the cellulite in her upper legs. I suppose that’s one way to avoid the paparazzi from getting those shots.

    • If you see cellulite, you should work as a private eye because clearly your retina has something that our eyes don’t. I don’t see any cellulite. Girl bye

  • Casey

    It’s frustrating to me that it’s other women on this forum saying she looks like a prostitute or pointing out her supposed cellulite. It’s fine to not like her look. But if THAT’S considered bad cellulite, how are most women supposed to feel about themselves? And then there are the girls who are sold into sex work. Prostitutes are not necessarily bad people, the majority of them have no choice. I personally love the Dior Addict but I’m just annoyed that people are not just quick to say hurtful things about Rihanna but are bringing down other women at the same time.

    • Casey, the key thing here is jealousy. People are jell of her bags, I love the blue one!

    • Sara

      Prostitution is always a choice don’t give me that crap. I actually think prostitution should be legal in some ways. But what is the difference between some street walking prostitute and how Rihanna dresses? Absolutely nothing except the price point. I could care less about her cellulite when she looks better now because she doesn’t have the drug skinnies as bad as she used to.

      • Casey

        If you think prostitution is always a choice, you’re either extremely ignorant or simply uneducated, and at that point, I’m just gonna stay out of it because it’s people like you that are bringing society down with your hateful messages.

      • Sara

        I work in the health care field and see the end results of people’s choices everyday. I am not ignorant or uneducated. I am saying that there is a choice when it comes to the type of work one engages in and if YOU don’t understand that then YOU are the one who is ignorant and uneducated. There are plenty of people who have been prostitutes, made their money and MOVED ON.

      • Casey

        All that education and no class~*~*

      • Sara

        Oh I don’t have class because I think people make their own choices I life? I think that means you don’t have class or a clue. Get over yourself.

      • Casey

        Not sure where you’re going with this but I’m just gonna leave it at that before you embarrass yourself even more.

      • Sara

        Barring being forced into sex trafficking, yes prostitution is a choice. I haven’t embarrassed myself. You have. That isn’t my fault nor is it my problem. Deuces.

      • Ruby

        whats wrong with being a prostitute regardless of choice?

      • Ruby

        Sorry that was meant to be a genuine question not something to instigate anything

  • lana

    oh man she looks like a mess. its totally not my style ????

  • I love this look, people saying she can’t carry two bags, if you can afford to, you better do it!

  • lancelbbsac

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  • ebuypursesAAAA

    Do they match?????????????????????????

  • Anavel

    I think she looks cool with them. Sometime you don’t have to dress up with your bag. I believe lots of people wear flip flop with their Hermes, Dior and Chanel.

  • nozza

    I have the exact color of Lady Dior Jean Blue in large I would like to sell. It is in excellent condition. Any interested buyers?