Michael Kors Stamped Bow Clutch

Vlad and I are on our way to Ohio while Shannon is in California. So right now, we are split around the country and going to attempt to keep things moving fluidly this week as best we can. This past weekend was a downer, as I watched my Ohio State Buckeyes completely totally fall apart on the big stage, again.

And watching this happen is sometimes how I feel about designers attempting to make a handbag appear to be one skin by stamping it. Many times the stamping looks utterly fake and ultimately forced. When it begins to look this way, there is absolutely no unity, and like my Buckeyes, it falls apart. There have been designers that pull off the faux-croc and those that fail miserably.

I ran into the Michael Kors Stamped Bow Clutch with stamped camel leather with crocodile print. The clutch adds a feminine appeal with a big bow at the front, which drew me to the bag in the first place. Buy through Net A Porter for $595.

So I will leave it up to you; is this clutch a faux-stamping disaster, a la Ohio State, or a faux-stamping brilliance (say, after, I don’t know, the major Notre Dame win?).

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  • Lauren

    I do not like most stamped leathers…it just doesn’t usually look good to me, including this clutch. It comes off as cheap. I would rather spend the money on a plain leather one that would look much better.

  • Sara

    I really like the Be&D guinevere bow clutch. Has anyone seen it? I saw it on http://www.sparklenpop.com and it is sooooo cute. It came in patent black and a cracked gunmetal that is sooo gorgeous. GO look.

  • Ellez

    This just looks too fake for me. I do like the however. Oh OSU…how you make me want to cry!!!

  • windowshopping

    See, I don’t like the stamping. But I like the IDEA…

  • Disaster for sure!

  • Merve

    I dont like the faux stamp or the bow. Looks really cheap.

  • juju

    Wow! This looks SO CHEAP! It looks like something you could pick up at Target. Stamped leather never looks good. I usually don’t care for much that comes from Michael Kors…I’m adding this one to the list.

  • iriver

    Agree with most posters here.

    It’s HIDEOUS ! ! I need to repeat that HIDEOUS!

    Cheap, nasty and Ugly.

    No original though went into this design. No thought went into this design full stop.