Matthew Williamson makes a summer clutch in a winter color

When I think of summer and straw clutches, greige is not exactly the first color to spring to mind. Although it’s my favorite neutral (besides leopard print, which is a neutral too, I swear), there comes a time when winter has lasted far too long and the last thing you want to see is another sullen, pallid handbag. For me, that time came this past weekend when it felt like November during my trip up North.

If that time has yet to arrive for you, perhaps you’d like to bring greige into the new season with the Matthew Williamson Raffia Leather Clutch. Although this bag has all the island-themed elements of a prototypical straw clutch, they’re rendered in a shade that still screams fall. Well, as much as greige can scream anything, anyway.

I’m genuinely torn between liking the luxurious leather look of this clutch and desperately wanting it to be in a more season-appropriate color, but when I look at the price, I feel a little better. Not because the price is great; on the contrary, it’s much too high for a leather clutch with straw accents, which means that I don’t have to fight with myself over whether or not I should consider buying it. Despite my positive initial reaction, this bag will remain a “pass” for me until it gets adjustments on color and price. Buy through ShopBop for $1695.


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