Jimmy Choo Metallic Clutch

Sometimes I feel like being flashy. Not tacky or gaudy but adding a lil pizzazz to an outfit. Most of the time, it depends on my mood. The Jimmy Choo Cracked Metallic Clutch brings just what some of us fun gals are looking for. The shape is stunning. Being a clean rectangular shape adds a modernized appeal to the bag. Another touch that puts us in the future is the shimmering-metallic leather. A last touch that also ads a modern feel is the shiny silver magnetic fold-down top and diary-lock closure and the grommet hardware (which comes with an adjustable belt). Let’s hop back from the future into now. Both purple and bronze are available (I chose the almost over-the-top purple) and the inside is lined in suede. If you want this hip little clutch (which sizes up at 3″H X 8″L X 2¼”W), you oughta be willing to spend $690 for it via Saks.


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