Shocker of all shockers: Chloe’s Spring 2011 handbags embrace New Minimalism. I’ll give you a moment to recover.

With the exception of the duffel bag above, which also comes in a lovely shade of cement grey and will surely be embraced by celebrities and fashion people alike, the offerings from this collection are a bit underwhelming. Minimalism crosses the line to boredom very quickly in a few of these bags, but thankfully Chloe included two over-beaded evening bags to balance out the simplicity of some of the other styles. A brand really only needs one hit bag to make a collection a success, though, and it looks as though Chloe will definitely accomplish that goal for Spring 2011.

Photos via Women’s Wear Daily.

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  • rachel

    I love the shape of that duffel. Is there a pic of the cement gray anywhere? It sounds gorgeous!

    • Yep, let me find it and I’ll add it to the gallery!

      • rachel

        Thank you! I loooooove that!

  • Mika

    looks hard to handle

  • Stephanie

    Wow, extremely underwhelmed!

  • Dawn

    Not impressed at all.

  • louch


  • Stylista

    Haha, I see many of you are not quite excited by bags like these. I actually love minimalistic, simple handbags, such as this one. They’re timeless, and I always love it when the quality of leather is a focal point of a bag. I love all of these! Good job Chloe!

  • mochababe73

    I like the duffle, but I don’t think that you can even hold it in the crook of your arm. I like my bags with a little more jazz to them.

  • somethingbags

    no identity at all

  • Oliana Spiridopoulos

    Sign of the times. We embrace minimalism in order to give ourselves a break from all the glittering bags of the past. Can’t say I like the bag very much, looks better in grey, but I do find the simplicity of the lines and the smooth texture of the leather refreshing.

  • MizzJ

    Mmm I actually LOVE that peach color! The color really makes this bag stand out, which is something that is usually needed to make a very simple bag interesting. As well, that beaded clutch is perfect for spicing up a neutral palette outfit.

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  • gatsby

    I love the duffel in the peachy beige color but, for convenience, it needs a shoulder strap or something. The look is beautiful but is it easy to carry?

  • edoardo

    The color is so sweet!! it reminds me a very nice strawberry cake!

  • Lynne

    But that black zipper on peachy color, is too strong.

  • Nappy

    the one with the ribbon in front looks like the Prada shoulder bag/clutch from a few seasons ago..

  • graceyi

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  • Graciella

    Love it! The minimalist style may not be very ‘Chloe’, but the colors really are. And I love that small red bag, along with the grey duffle. I don’t think these will look as dated in 5 years time as the Paddington does now (even though I loved the Paddy a lot)

  • harveydent

    I love these new bags. There is nothing wrong with a minimal look. It makes it very easy to pair with everyday things. I really love that simple little bracelet bag. I think that if anyone is going to do minimalism the right way it’s Chloe hands down.

  • Grace

    I’m not normally a fan of the minimal look but I LOVE these bags, particularly the duffle.That peach colour is really, really lovely. I also like the little chain-strap messenger with the bow on the front, even though I feel like I’ve seen similar things before from the likes of Prada and Luella… oh well, I would still buy it.

  • Jelita78

    seriously? this is chloe?
    wow.. it certainly does look like it..
    looks just like ‘any-other-bowler-bags’ to me.. (ipad)

  • Julia

    i’m kind of in love with the first bag pictured. the leather looks so luxurious! (ipad)

  • helen

    I’m in favor of minimalism. Just like the ipad. ;) (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I like their approach to minimalism. I love the peach duffle and the beaded Elsie bag. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Not digging ANY of these! (ipad)

  • Raphaela

    Except for the zip at the front, the duffel bag bears an uncanny resemblance to my Tod’s D-Styling Bauletto Medio. Minimalism is, by and large, Tod’s signature. I can’t help feeling that Chloe is duplicating Tod’s simple yet elegant design and like Tod’s, Chloe chooses to emphasise on the rich leather texture in its Spring 2011 line. This reminds me of LV’s Spring 2011 Collection which leans towards Kate Spade’s colourful patent block. Perhaps, this is the year when several designers deviate from their usual motifs/patterns in an effort to come up with something mind blowing or never-seen-before bags from their brands.

  • mulberrytea

    I actually love the new duffle better than the previous Aurore duffel, which I already own.

    Love both the peach and grey colors of the collection, but I also like a lot of the other pieces. Maybe it’s just because I prefer the new minimalist direction?

  • Jeri-Anne

    I was hoping to find the bag that Rachel McAdams carried in MIdnight in Paris-anyone know?