No one does a fashion show quite like Chanel. Period. Known for its over-the-top, often themed presentations, the showing of each new collection feels more like a day at the theater than a fashion show. This season’s Cruise 2023 show was presented yesterday in Monte Carlo.

Much of Chanel’s history is accented by cities and places that offer a certain inspiration, contributing to the formation of Chanel’s most notable House codes. These places not only enhance creativity and provide inspiration, but in many ways, they have shaped the brand, helping to identify what it means to be a Chanel Girl.

Chanel and Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo is one of those special places. Chanel’s love affair with Monaco began more than 100 years ago, when Gabrielle Chanel first became inspired by the magical location, bringing back to the house a certain je ne sais quoi, which was further expanded upon by Karl Lagerfeld.

For Cruise 2023, Chanel returns to Monte-Carlo, taking inspiration from Monaco’s relaxed, beachy lifestyle and bright Mediterranean sun. Overall, the collection oozes an air of a carefree summer filled with boat days, beach nights, and drinks by the pool. Virginie Viard brings the spirit of sophistication and freedom felt in the French Riviera to Chanel.

“To me, Monaco is a matter of feelings above all. That’s Karl, Caroline, Charlotte. From very early on, I knew we would hold a show there, and more precisely at the Beach Hotel.” -Virginie Viard

Chanel Cruise 2023

Ready-to-wear is textured, with a sporty but sleek feel. There’s plenty of classic Chanel tweed, silk, and even terry cloth. Colors and prints embody the European obsession with motorsports (red, black, white, and checkered black/white patterns), and even some of the silhouettes feel that same inspiration. Sequins and flowers juxtapose the sporty feel, giving the collection the bit of feminine flair you’d expect from Chanel.

As for the bags, well, the novelty of Chanel is back with this collection, and the spirit of Karl Lagerfeld’s days at the helm of the brand is truly felt. Bags are shaped like tennis racquets. Models toted real helmets and tiny handbag versions of them too. There was even a tiny slot machine bag.

Wearable silhouettes of varying shapes were also seen throughout in the brand’s most iconic House staple: quilted calfskin. There were mini and micro bags galore, too, alongside new shapes that will actually hold your phone like a quilted hobo shoulder bag with a front flap pocket. View bags from the runway below, courtesy of Chanel.

Look 1 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 3 Look 2 and 3
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 4
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 8
Look 4 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 7 Look 5 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 9 Look 6 and 7
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 6
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 10
Look 8 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 11 Look 9 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 13 Look 10 and 11
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 12
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 14
Look 12 and 13
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 15
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 16
Look 14 and 15
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 17
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 18
Look 16 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 20 Look 17 and 18
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 19
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 21
Look 19 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 2 1 Look 20 and 21
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 22
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 23
Look 22 and 23
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 24
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 25
Look 24 and 25
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 26
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 27
Look 26 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 1 1 Look 27 and 28
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 30
Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 1
Look 29 Chanel s Cruise 2023 Bags 5
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10 days ago

I can’t imagine wearing tweed and high heels, on the beach, in the summer. 🤷‍♀️

A Woman Of A Certain Age
A Woman Of A Certain Age
10 days ago

I miss Karl.

10 days ago

What is on the bag in 24? Is that a tiny tennis racquet? I’m so confused but need to know!

Deliah Boerleider
Deliah Boerleider
10 days ago

Look 8

Ed B
Ed B
10 days ago

I don’t hate the bag in 27/29. Who knew Chanel could make a bag I didn’t hate? Lol. Still don’t like it enough for the price, but cute.

10 days ago

If I were a billionaire I would buy Look 24 to keep my person fork and spoon 😛

9 days ago

Watched the show from an email link from Chanel. I get that Monte Carlo is famous for racing and that even a car was named after the city, but the clothing inspired by racing?? That’s a hard pass for me. It screams that you’re desperately trying to act like an edgy cool girl. A couple of the dresses that have the racing flag prints remind me of dresses made of bed sheets from a 5 yr old boys bed.

Now for the positive, some of the evening wear and summer dresses were lovely. Breezy fabrics with light colors nod to the hot summer days spent at the beach. High heels at the beach though….sounds miserable. And who wants to wear tweed in 80-90 degree (F) weather? Beautiful to look at but unless you work in an icebox for an office, unpractical to wear.
Many of the bags were gorgeous and I’d be happy to have in my closet but I don’t understand the tennis bags being claimed as purses…if it has a racket in it, wouldn’t it be a tennis bag?

To each their own though

8 days ago

I love everything about this collection. It’s quintessentially Chanel.

4 days ago

I miss Karl too.

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