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  • Sandra

    I was resistant to Chanel for a while…purchased several other designers. My feeling was that sure the flap bags are great but they do not hold much and I was carrying so much with me every day. I went on vacation to New Orleans and walking down Bourbon Street with my Givenchy Pandora as a cross body, so heavy…(don’t get me wrong my Pandora is fab but not really the most sensible in this situation). I thought to myself, I really need a Chanel WOC…for occasions just like this. I purchased the WOC and now I am hooked! I am working on my 3rd Chanel bag now….

    • I’ve been thinking I want a WOC too, you really love it eh?

      • klynneann

        I hardly ever use my classic flap because nothing fits in it but I love my WOC! I take it on every trip I take, it’s so versatile.

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  • brandy

    Getting a WOC as well!! Will be my first CC piece! So Excited!!

  • becca

    chanel wok’s are the best! I own many different colors. Great over the shoulder bag. chic.

  • Oh, Chanel.

    I may be in the minority for thinking this way, but Chanel’s aesthetic seems to taking a nosedive in the last few seasons.. what is w/ that glittery chevron bag?? some of the designs are frankly, tacky, while others make scratch my head at the sanity/judgment of the genius that is Karl Lagerfield. I do appreciate whimsical/creative/innovative/witty designs, but egg and milk carton bags?? SMH -__-
    Chanel’s profits are no doubt soaring and the brand’s demand may be at all time high seen as every celebrity and their mothers are carrying their Chanel boys, flaps, or totes 24/7, making the brand that much more desirable for the masses…
    Maybe all that profit is giving Karl Lagerfield greater freedom to just scream YOLO and not give a f*ck about anything, so he’s creating designs however the hell he wants no matter how ridiculous…
    The nosedive for Chanel really started with the atrocity that was the hula hoop series… end rant, I’ll stick to the classic Chanel designs.

  • Divnanata

    I love all the fun and witty pieces! While I love my large black Boy bag and my classics, I have no problem with the more unusual Chanels in my closet. Recently I added a lipstick red single flap Maxi to my collection and it is divine and holds plenty. I, too, could go for a WOC but I am so tall that they look like a doll purse on me. But explain – are those crazy cool locks bags or necklaces or both? I could so go for a bunch of those ….and the woven chain shopping basket. Are those actually going to be sold?

  • Natasha Smith

    I am new to Chanel, just purchased a black medium boy, but what is a woc??

    • j

      wallet on chain

      • Natasha Smith

        Thanks! Makes perfect sense!

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  • sleepy

    love the Chevron Chanel bag with the glitters in btw..Anyone know when Fall 2014 is going to be released and the price on it??

  • Peppermint Patty

    Forget the bags, I am loving the look of the taupeish colored boots on the right. Any info on them?

  • Dudette33

    These items are extremely beautifully crafted. The colors are vivid and definitely un-Chanel.

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