The $59 Accessory Taylor Swift Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Because she's a frugal fashionista too

I recently shared that I am in my full-blown Swiftie era. I used to like Taylor Swift, but I didn’t fully appreciate her, and now I would call myself a true fan. Her new relationship in which she put Travis Kelce on the map (that’s an internet joke, but let’s be honest, he is for sure getting more deals because of her) has brought them as a couple and individuals to the forefront of every news site, and I am here for the fashion.

We already covered the bags both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been spotted carrying, and now I’m here to share a very affordable accessory Taylor continues to be spotted with. The best part about it is it’s only $59!

In Our Accessory Era

Taylor Swift Polo Ralph Lauren Ball Cap 1

Polo Ralph Lauren
via Ralph Lauren

Taylor Swift has brought the classic ball cap back into the picture, and her hat of choice has been the Polo Ralph Lauren Corduroy Ball Cap. As a fellow hat lover myself, especially when I don’t have time to do anything with my hair, the ball cap has been my go-to, and I’ve already purchased two from Polo Ralph Lauren myself (they’re on their way!).

To cover your undone hair or simply wear a hat because you love hats, the Polo Ralph Lauren Ball Cap is the ultimate easy-wear and cool-girl accessory. Taylor has opted for the Corduroy version, and this colorway is sold out on Ralph Lauren right now, but there is a green version I just purchased for myself, and I love it for fall and winter!

However, if you prefer, there are ample colorways of the simpler Polo Ralph Lauren Chino Ball Cap, which is also an accessory staple and only costs $49.50. Either way, these hats have been selling quickly, and there’s no doubt the Swiftie effect has something to do with it!

An accessory under $60 that will get tons of use is a no-brainer.

While Taylor isn’t a style maven in the traditional sense, I find her style choices more approachable, and that is a small factor that probably also makes her more likable to the masses. She doesn’t necessarily wear the most daring of fashion-forward outfits, but neither do most of us, and that feels more real to me.

I’m team baseball cap for life!

Swiftie Style

Taylor Swift Black Ball Cap
Taylor Swift Still Here Hat

Taylor Swift Polo Ralph Lauren Ball Cap

Polo Ralph Lauren
via Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Chino Ball Cap
Polo Ralph Lauren Corduroy Ball Cap Green
Acne Studios Face Cap
Toteme Double Cashmere Ball Cap
Barbour Waxed Canvas Baseball Cap
Polo Ralph Lauren Corduroy Ball Cap Tan

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8 months ago

I just hit order so quickly on the green cord one! Love it!

8 months ago

Taylor Swift’s fashion sense is approachable and relatable, which makes her more likable to the masses. Her Polo Ralph Lauren Corduroy Ball Cap is a great example of this, as it is an affordable and stylish accessory that can be worn by everyone.

8 months ago

Yes! The easiest and best hat!