Paris Hilton Caption It

I saw this picture on the forum (thanks Kimmy) and some other sites and could not help but think it needs its very own Caption It Contest! Paris, I hate to say it, but you are an easy target with your Louis Vuitton bag and 4 Chihuahuas. I have so many thoughts going through my head right now of what you are thinking. I am sure many of you do too. Let’s have some fun with this one! Who knows, a winner may be chosen and a prize may be given out ;-)

Post all answers in the forum! Are you feelin’ lucky??

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • TT

    Awwwwwwwwww!! If I wasn’t carrying all the puppies I would be talking on my sidekick.

  • Karly

    Hmm.. ok so I have, Tinkerbell, Bambi, and uh.. those other two!!.. Loves it!

  • Pippi

    A few more and I can have a coat like Cruella.

  • Tee Five

    Aren’t we soooo cute!!!!!!!

  • sara

    Yo quiero my dignity.

  • Christina

    I need all these little dogs to hide the horribly ugly shirt I’m wearing!

  • Amanda

    I wonder if I’ll Have this many kids!?

  • Stella

    bitch hanging with her bitches

  • Kim

    “Now if I could just get 2 more of these I’d have a six pack”!

  • Vinnecia


  • Scarlett

    Since i lost my dignity a long time ago, i should get a puppy to its place. Hey why not add one for losing my self respect, intelligence, and the ability to use big words.

  • April

    i think all thoses chihuahuas are adourable i thinking of getting one myself :smile:

  • jj

    hey paris i wnna be like u some day rich a cute and dog aholic like u

  • EmmaleeMaine

    “These will go perfectly with my new fall wordrobe!”

  • krloss

    pariss eress tan bitch ..!!! wauuuuuuu bitch

    • jaclyn

      your just a hater because im an and your the bitch

  • jaclyn

    would you just leave paris alone :evil:

  • Naggy

    I would not know but her dogs are precious! (ipad)