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  • LucyBlakeesas

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  • kemilia

    I remember in the Bling Ring movie, Paris didn’t notice that some of her Chanel bags were disappearing (she thought that maybe she had lent them to friends) so I think the Hilton gals have quite a different feel for their stuff. Even the ridiculously priced stuff.

  • Nívia

    Its ridiculous for you!
    They have money to spend that much, without caring a bit…
    Go do something for your life instead of judje others
    Spend a little money just for fun, you’ll be a better person for yourself for while

    • Mya Wilkes

      Take it easy please.

      • Bo

        I’m with Nivia on this one. I get REAL annoyed when people pass judgement on how much others are willing to spend on luxury items. It’s like… get over yourself!!!! It’s rather pathetic and when comments are made like this, anyone can tell you’re just envious and seething with jealousy because you could never afford something as such. You’re on a website and forum that is dedicated to designer handbags, which run well in the thousands of dollars.

  • Rosa Lily

    IMO, it is not an attractive bag.

    • KelsAndrewssyc

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