Mischa Barton Handbag

A Lennon shirt, high waisted jeans, two designer bags, and a puppy to boot, Mischa Barton was spotted roaming the streets of London. I am a a fan of high-waisted pants, but maybe paired with a tight fitting top, not with a tucked in loose John Lennon shirt. Typically, I think Mischa has a stunning face, but she looks a tad shoddy out there on the island of London. Love the bags. One is totally easy to ID and the other is fairly easy too! So let’s begin Friday with another round of Name That Bag!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Amanda

    LV Lambskin Rivets Bag

  • Kathy

    Louis Vuitton rivets…you posted so many pics of her with this purse already!

    • I know… I’m on bad jet lag! Not thinking very well!

  • william

    The leg of those jeans with that waist is so unflattering.

  • michelle

    she looks really really bad. the hair… the jeans… the lipstick… yikes.

  • Jaaanice

    its the rivets!! love the bag, not so much the entire look!!! :???:

  • louislovesfendi818

    The bags are the Sac Chien (it looks like a 50) and the Lambskin Rivets Bag (in Noir). Just so we have the exact LV names.

  • jackie

    her look was so ugly

    the bag from LV

  • MichelleO

    It’s a Louis Vuitton Riveting.

  • isabella

    i think this is be & d handbag

  • 09

    terrible fashion shes got going on there.
    bag is a Chloé because i have it.

  • 3degree

    eek. whats up mischa. :shock: but the bags from lv are cool

  • Car

    Where can you get that John Lennon shirt?? I really like it. :mrgreen:

  • Car2

    I really like that John Lennon shirt too Car!!! Where can you get that!? :mrgreen:

  • Jeton (Kosovo)

    Wow I like her to much …

  • Naggy

    This is terrible fashion. (ipad)