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Nicole Richie Name that Bag

Good morning all! Keep the responses comin! Just wanted you all to wake up to little Miss Tiny, Nicole Richie, with her lum-lum. Ahh, isn’t so nice to see Nicole Richie having moved on from Paris Hilton. That’s Hot. Being the fashion gurus that you are, you should be able to name Nicole Richie’s bag! Just tell me the name of the bag (hint: it’s a huge celeb trend and quite impossible for us ‘commoners’ to get our hands on). Good luck!

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  • Roxie

    Balenciaga Motorcycle bag

    • Maria Victoria

      it’s a balenciaga motorcycle bag,without any doubts!
      Nicole owns it of every kind and colour…
      however…great web site…I come from Italy,Sardinia,have you never been there?enjoy your holidays in Porto Cervo…or Alghero…it’s amasing!
      In Porto Cervo I’ve bought a wonderful Gucci Indy Bag,I love it and I like very much this site…Maria Victoria

      translate in Italian:
      è una balenciaga motorcycle,senza alcun dubbio!
      Nicole ne possiede di ogni tipo e colore…
      comunque…bel sito…vengo dalla Sardegna,ci siete mai stati?passate le vostre vacanze a Porto Cervo…o Alghero..è fantastico! a Porto Cervo ho comprato una magnifica indy bag di Gucci,la adoro e mi piace molto questo sito…

      see you soon…

  • Noriko

    I think its a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag.


    balenciaga office bag!

  • Linda Nguyen

    Balenciaga motorcyle city classique

  • Stephanie

    Nicole is carrying a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.

  • Sandy Mitchell

    Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag (large one from the looks of it)

  • nicole


  • Lisa

    I think this is the BESSO Diva MotorCycle Bag?

  • eselcee

    That, of course is the lovely Balenciaga motorcycle bag, and I think the style is Le Dix. :)

  • leah faye

    balenciaga in a large. lols.

  • Janie

    This is a blue balenciaga

  • jen

    that’s the balenciaga motorcycle bag

  • ginny

    his eyes are open!!!! now rude!!!!!

  • billyjoe

    i think it looks kinda like a blue version of those balenciaga biker bags

  • Jessica


  • CrankyBiscuit

    That looks like my sky blue Balenciaga City Classique. :)
    Man, she is tiny. It just dwarfs her.

    • bex

      :lol: she is a bit small but fir as tho

  • cork

    im guessing chloe paddington

  • Chev

    Balenciaga 05′ turquoise?

  • pinkmink

    balenciaga, umm office bag i think.

  • Danielle


  • Kim

    balenciaga city motorcycle bag

  • Caroline

    It is the motorcycle bag. Baleniega brand

  • Julien LaMir

    Balenciaga shopper Bag, hot.

  • haya


  • Chloe

    I think it’s called the Balenciaga-Overnight. She could fit her entire body in that bag.

  • Gabi

    Hey gorgeous I just wanted to tell you that I am your bigest fan and I hope everything will work out with you BYE GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I love YOu gorgoues


    Balenciaga le dix motorcycle work bag in “blue india”
    FALL 2006 collection.




  • hi nicole its me your long lost soul mate. by the way i love the bag it looks so good on you.you should email me i am only at the end of your mouse. you will love talking to me as we will make a good team love you and cant wait to hear from you love tommy

  • Paris

    hey nicki

  • Paris

    hello nicki

  • ViCiOuS

    good looking!! :cool:

  • arely

    :wink: i love u pic!! hey nicole look lesbina

  • Gemma

    :roll: i love Nicole Richie and I love watching The Simple Life I think she has good fashion sense luv Gem x x x x x x x x :razz:

  • Katy

    Hi, my name is katy I´m form Germany and I also like nicole and her look.

  • maira

    hi pretty nicole, im from inDonesia and i loves your style somuch. and also that bag. i think its balenciaga, cause i have seen in many picture that you often weared brand of balenciaga.

  • fre91

    oh this bag in one of my favourite!!…but i prefer the white one or pink… :wink:


    Balenciaga. . . DUH!!!

  • Rui Hanazawa

    It’s a Balenciaga Office bag in torquise color…

  • Rui Hanazawa

    It’s a Balenciaga Office bag in gorgeous torquise color :!:

  • that is soo sweet!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:

  • Петр

    Вообще, откровенно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо занятней самих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

  • Naggy

    That blue looks great against her tanned skin. (ipad)

  • KY

    Balenciaga <3 (ipad)