Keira Knightley Handbag Style
Image via GR

Happy Friday everyone! Looks like little bitty Keira Knightley is looking a little bitty dark and melancholy. Love the blank stare and the open mouth with a ‘DUH’ echo. So sexy. Under her little bitty arm is a beautiful designer bag. Dark and barely showing, it is there and stunning. Can you name that bag?

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  • ryc

    jimmy choo

  • CC

    is that the ramona?

  • linda

    jimmy choo! it’s not the Ramona… looks similar to the amazing clutch they have out now :!:

  • Superqueen

    I think it’s the Maddy.

  • anonymous


  • riffraff

    Nope not JC Maddy, looks like the maddy until you look closer at the handles and handle connectors.

  • riffraff

    I’m so convinced this is Jimmy Choo Maddy, except the colour is wrong as well as the handles and connectors, if this is a Maddy it’s not 07!

  • bagfetish

    stella mccartney

  • Samantha

    Jimmy Choo Mahala.Love the bag!

  • llson

    Definitely Jimmy Choo Mahala….have it in Red!!

  • Superqueen

    Some Jimmy Choo models are sooo similar one another!

  • J


  • 3rdcharm36

    Most of you are right,it is the Jimmy Choo Mahala bag.You can tell by the double zipper and hardware on the straps.

  • Essence01

    :shock: Looks like she is coming down fron crack that bag is sooh Fugly

  • Diva K

    Jimmy choo mahala bag, definitely know a Jimmy choo bag when I see one… love it :wink:

  • alf


  • jmcadon

    It is the Mahala, I have the Maddy and it is identical only smaller. That’s the great thing about Choo, they make alot of their bags in two sizes.

  • Anna

    Cool bag its a Jimmy Choo mahala :smile:

  • vena

    Where are the boots from? :razz:

  • andrea

    jimmy choo bag maddie i think

  • paul

    i like herrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Marya

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  • Naggy

    The Jimmy Choo is surprisingly too plain for me. (ipad)