Beyonce Handbag

A loyal reader has come to me in dire need of knowing the designer of Beyonce’s handbag. Possibly the lack of oxgen to my brain when I passed out last week or just a typical brain-fart, but I do not know the designer. Can any of you identify this handbag Beyonce has been seen sporting in Africa? Important details include the chunky bead detailing on the shoulder strap and tassels on the sides. I bet LL will send ya a big cookie if you can name this bag!! ;-)

Larger picture via The Bosh

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  • Janber

    I believe it’s a Moschino.. Hope this helps!

  • Eva

    No, no its not its definetly Shanghai Tang. Shanghai Tang is a Hong Kong based label – they make beautiful bags and this is from their latest collection. I saw it at the Shanghai Tang store at HK Airport last week. Another brand I am loving right now is The Red Queen. Check out beautiful!

  • Hysteric

    Definitely from Shanghai Tang!

  • Lyht

    Thank you to everyone who responded to my cry for help regarding Beyonce’s handbag. Shortbread cookies with chocolate and pecans for everyone.

    I’m Lyht, aka LL, from Indianapolis, IN who discovered the PurseBlog while googling a Beyonce’ bag which I covet mightily. (See picture on the PB frontpage) To borrow a phrase, ‘a whole new world opened’ when I found PB. You see I have a gene for manageable hair and one for handbag shopping from my maternal grandmother. I’m also a long time net-izen (I got an A in DOS class). When oxygen met flame-Boom/Swish- I found myself on the Shanghai Tang website planning how to explain to those who matter what had happened to me when I made this spectacular purchase -I think black.

    To say I’m glad to be here and meet all of you is to SO understate the case. PurseBlog is up there with chocolate/pecan shortbread cookies as one of the best things ever!

  • erika

    THanks for the info, i really appreciate it!


  • mary.rodi

    this is a Jackie Saad hand bag… she uses most of his accesories. I love him!! I’d read anywhere that he’s designing for LATINO ROYALTY… a New York base company

  • Alison

    Its Shanghai Tang – I have one – exactly like this!

  • Pearl

    i have one exactly like that too, it’s shanghai tang!!

  • Someone

    Great blog, keeping me from jogging

  • Sidney Willard

    Now I’m a bit of a shoe fanatic myself, I believe that’s why I’d totally ADORE a pair precisely like these!

  • Jacelyn Elliott

    There’s never a wrong time for chocolate. Thanks for the great post!

  • Naggy

    I like her shoes better than the bag. (ipad)