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  • AS

    a beautiful girl but WAY too sexualized imo, considering she was 16/17 in these photos.

    • Aliza Zibkoff

      Agreed. This is not something that’s leads to anything good. I don’t need my daughter thinking that looking like this is age appropriate…or asking for Chanel bags before she’s 21!

      • Dylan Propst

        Then teach them that you don’t want them looking that way.
        Celebrities shouldn’t be viewed as role models, especially for children.

      • Rikke jensen

        I really agree with you! Stop blaming famous people for not acting the way you want your children to act! Cause Bella definitely isn’t a kid anymore, she has a career!

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        I do. However my daughter is exposed to some degree to what’s out there. I do my best to steer her in the right direction but I can’t keep her completely in a bubble. The best I can do is disagree and be consistent in my opinion of this whether its when I speak to her personally or in a public forum like this. She will know that mommy “does not approve.”

  • Marnie

    Never heard of her, what is she actress/singer? And she’s pnly 17? Yikes! Great bag collection for one so young though.

  • ijusthaveto

    homegirl needs some proactive

    • Yoshi

      What?! She’s 17 and she’s one of the lucky teenagers that has very little acne. Acne happens to a lot of teens, its natural, and no matter what you use it does not go away until you get older. Sit down, honey.

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        Clear skin isn’t everything. I had not acne but I had buck teeth (and braces) and huge 86 style glasses not to mention I was as flat as pancake until I was 16. Thank G-d I cleaned up pretty well and by that age 21/22 I had engaged enough brain cells in my head not to do to stupid things and get into difficult situations…certainly a divine blessing! So if your kid has acne and all the teenage awkwardness possible give them a hug, support them with love and let them know “it will get better and I’m there for you until it does.”

    • I’m very happy I wasn’t in the public eye at 16/17 for many reasons – one being I had bad acne. Tried everything and it simply didn’t work. I’m guessing she tries everything she can too

      • lindsnapo

        I think pic 13/21 is a raowolf mianudiere- Barneys sells their handbags

  • Sherre Ann Wallace

    She looks way old! Like late 20’s and she’s only 17 (eyebrow raised)


    If I’m not mistaken the bag in slide 5 is Emporio Armani, and its in the small size, in the croc embossed printed calfskin.