One of the perks of being an A-list entertainer is that you can get the high end fashion brands to make cool, custom gear for you. Kanye recently unveiled this custom, oversized Louis Vuitton Damier Azure Backpack on his blog. The backpack features LV’s signature Damier Canvas print with light brown leather trim and supposedly, it took a year and a half to make. It won’t be making the boutiques, still there is chatter that this piece set Kanye back by $15,000. Some say it was $6,300, no idea.

I don’t care for Kanye, his cocky attitudes, nor his music, but getting Vuitton to make a custom piece to suit your needs (better: wants) is quite cool.

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  • I love the Damier Azur pattern, but this is not my favorite. But I do wish I could have a bag made just for me from LV!

  • william

    I suppose this is technically a travel good? Isn’t LV’s policy that they only accept custom requests for travel goods?

    • I am sure they can bend the rules here and there… but I suppose you could call this a travel good.

  • I like it. Much tamer than what I expected Kanye to get.

  • HS

    Personally, the backpack design does not appeal to me. I do not like backpacks and I find them pretty difficult to take in/out your belongings. Nowadays, backpack does not seem to be safe to use for travelling considering those pickpockets. I still prefer messenger-style bags.

  • Jasmine

    Eh. This does not impress me. What does impress me is Pharrell Williams custom Hermes purple HAC. I saw it in person and it was stunning.

  • Kelly

    I love LV, but I don’t think it says much for their company to back him so much. Yeah he raps about them in his songs and stuff, but so what? They’re a high end designer, they shouldn’t want to capiltalize on those things.

  • Channy Burden

    I have to say that I don’t much care for the design, as far as backpacks go. The closures aren’t particularly effective – as the flaps gape in spite of the belting – and the narrow flap top just doesn’t look right. The pockets on the back are also too far apart and not terribly practical. This is a bag that’s purely for show (and not such a great show, in my opinion)

  • Ben

    ive seen this in epi its stunning and very masculine
    and the price is 6000-7000 depending on the leather,
    its actually not that expensive if it took months to
    make instead compared to a birkin which take 30 hours
    which is around the same price

  • Jeremy

    how cum this is not on the website of louis vuitton i cant find the christopher anywere not even the monogram 1

  • aga

    I love LV, but I don’t care for this backpack, it’s a nope for me

  • lipvixen

    Love the Damier design but don’t like backpacks in general. I feel like it’s inviting people to pick my pocket outright.

  • Jason

    Well anyone who can afford it can have LV custom make pieces for them. I have had several things made averaging 3’000-5’000. I spoke to a rep at LV who said the Kanye’s bag was $6300 and that they will not duplicate for anyone.

  • starless-night

    I think the Cristopher would be dope in Graphite!

  • Toney

    This bag is hard as heck I need that bag in my life just for a day or 2 lamo I love the bag doe real talk……….

  • black jesus piece

    i love kanye

  • Jelita78

    i’m waiting for Kanye to be have an LV customised trunks.. then he can be in the 100 Legendary trunks history..
    i wonder what kind of trunk he’ll be custom-making.. and will it be croc skin? exotic? lamb? hmmm.. (ipad)