jessical biel handbag style

Looks like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still trying to keep their relationship going, even if the Hollywood spotlight continues to be the HUGE third wheel. The couple got together after a plethora of rumors of who Justin was with post Cameron, and now Timbiel has been spotted around the world together. On their way to an event at The Beverly Wilshire, Justin Timberlake dumped Jessica Biel off with an older and not as sexy inclined man. Ok, obviously this was just the man whose job is solely to lead celebs into events, but still, it photographs badly. My attention focused on Jessica’s style, which actually appeared very feminine for her sometimes overly muscular body, and her stunning brown handbag. Name that bag!

jessical biel handbag style2

Hop below to see the older not as sexy-inclined gentleman!

jessical biel handbag style1

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  • I have no idea who the designer is, but it’s definitely an interesting piece. I love to carry magazines and notebooks around, so this would be perfect ;)

  • curseda

    Versace Hit Bag

  • escritora

    Versace Hit Bag

  • arman982

    definitely Versace Hit bag!! this version w/o the fur is more more interesting IMO…

  • william

    I hate the bag but Jessica looks beautiful.

  • luce

    i think it’s hot!

  • Stephanie

    it looks like she should put a picture in that frame! just kidding–it’s a very interesting piece, though not my style.

  • M.A.H

    I think this is the back side of the bag. the infront has the logo and zip detaits in the frame.

  • jackie

    :sad: i dont like that bag its tooo bland for me

  • yup definately versace!

  • dara-lynn

    i actually like the bag. it’s so simple but demands attention. hate it with the fur though.

  • Jo Ann

    It’s definately Versace of which i’m a huge fan. But i’ve seen Jessica look better, almost old lady-ish in the photo.

  • Graciella

    I quite like the bag, though I’m not a fan of Versace. It looks much better in this low-key version withouth the fur (and withouth that hideous blue hue). Don’t like the frame thing though, can’t really see it’s function or decorative intention

  • Marina

    Versace Laminated Hit Bag.

  • chickie

    Well, I can’t name the bag, but I can identify the “older” man..Jeffrey Katzenberg, one of the powerhouses behind DreamWorks Studios.


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  • Jahpson

    The bag and Jessica’s outfit looks a mess.

  • littlefab

    Don’t like the bag…but love the dress…

  • Colette

    Yes, it is verscae BUT have you seen it in snakeskin leather it is gorgeous! It comes in blake snake, Silver Snake (Ihave to have) tan and black leather. She is carrying tan but the logo is on the other side. It is a metal plate that says VERSACE.

  • iHave3birkins=]

    yeah they also have it in fox fur.

  • Deanna

    The Versace Hit Bag. i hate the bag but she looks pretty

  • Kelly

    this bag is sold here …