I Just Can’t Get Enough of Kelly Rutherford’s Outfit Selfies

Gossip Girl here...

Gossip Girl premiered in 2007 when I was a senior in high school; that fall, I was accepted into New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Week after week, I would watch the show, taking in not only all of the outfits, which have a chokehold on me to this day, but the surroundings, too, daydreaming of graduation and my new life in the city.

The outfits, the accessories, and the bags were a true fashion lover’s dream. Each character had a unique personality and sense of style to complement it. Costume designer and stylist Eric Daman curated each character’s outfits, and week after week, fans tuned in to see what they wore.

The pieces seen on the show spawned countless articles and even entire websites dedicated to what was worn on screen. Even today, 17 years after the first episode aired, fans are still invested in Gossip Girl‘s on-screen Fashion.

The Real-Life Lily van der Woodsen

Back in the day, most of us identified as either Serena or Blair, though Lily van der Woodsen’s enviable collection of bags was actually the show’s true star. These days, though, it’s actress Kelly Rutherford who played Serena’s buttoned-up mom whose style has a grip on me (and the rest of her 2 million+ Instagram followers).

The actress, whose off-screen style is just as chic (and covetable) as the character she stopped playing 12 years ago, has become a social media style star. Rutherford, 55, posts daily outfit selfies, sharing everything from her casual-cool coffee run fits to, well, dressed to the nines for a coffee run.

In a world of overly curated looks, excessive editing, and outfits that feel anything but organic, I love how accessible her fashion feels. I can’t help but feel like she’s become an accidental influencer of sorts, and I have become increasingly obsessed with each new OOTD (is that still a thing?)

While she could carry an endless supply of designer bags, Rutherford’s collection has range. The stylish star opts for not only accessible carries from brands like DeMellier and Chylak but also under-the-radar brands. Maybe it’s that she will always be Lily van der Woodson to me, but I’ve decided that when I grow up, this is the kind of energy I want to embody.


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